The 3 Questions

logoA young gentleman asked the Queen, ” Why do you marry the King , my Lady. This King is not a fair and wise one . He is always angry and gives justice to others but not to yourself, his Queen. ”

The Queen remained silent.

Then a young lady asked the Queen, ” Why do you love him , my Lady. For he is not a man of respect or of any calibre of character and still you stand beside him and be obedient . ”

The Queen remained lull.

And then a youth asked the Queen,” My Queen , why do you not change your circumstance and make it better when you have the power in you to do so ? ”

Then she answered the young gentleman first , 1) ” I can not teach him wisdom nor am I wise of a human to supply it ..but someday..he will reach his wisdom, in his own time and whether it be too late for him, it is he who will answer not I. And the same goes for my own deeds. “

then she answered to the young lady, 2) ” I will Love him not because I am in Love with him but it is in my duty to do so as his wife BUT if I do love him such a way, it will be a bonus…This is not hypocrisy because Love, as I have encountered in my years, have no true definition especially so when it comes to a Man..that someday will be dead, the same as I . And Love on its own, wears many faces and carries many understandings and the only true love of yours is God’s own secret, and He alone knows , nor you or I know this. You must accept. “

Then lastly she answered the youth ,

3) ” I have the will and the power to do so but every time I act upon it I am humbled by my circumstance and so I learned some lessons and maybe if I stay on..I might learn more and maybe more is revealed to me because tests, my child , is our Life. It is the only examination we can not escape, nor I change it to be better, I can not guarantee the result , so instead of changing the circumstance which most times is not within my control.. I choose to change myself.. to be better , to be better than my circumstance and better than the people or persons who put me in it . And all I can do.. is try to be the good I want to see in others and if I fail to be good , I will be accountable , and if they  fail to be good , they will be held accountable ..and so.. that is why I am not afraid. And if he (the King) does this to rob my sanity.. he will be answerable not I . With the knowledge of this, this is why I am not afraid.”

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