These Simple Life Skills Can Ease Your Life

We won’t be talking about sending your kids to piano classes or ballet.

We’re going to give you the basics of the basics. Having skills like these will allow you to participate in daily life in a more fuller and desirable way.

Life skills are necessary so that you can take control of simple life tasks and maybe even use it as a source of income or passion.

1) Riding A Bicycle

You might think, “Hmm… how can there be people who don’t know how to ride a bicycle? That’s ridiculous, everyone knows how to ride a bicycle and if they don’t, they really should.”

In this tiny island of Singapore, the next most used form of transport besides the MRT is …? The bicycle. Yes.

The OFO and Mobikes have swept us a storm. The influx of bicycles left stranded in some chevron near a highway and bus stops are a plenty. We are more short of Ubers (or now known as Grab drivers) rather than bicycles. Riding a bicycle via the OFO and Mobikes are the latest trending convenience.

An invention thought to be brought about by a German inventor in the 19th Century which was then later discovered that a Chinese inventor Lu Ban had invented a similar but more complicated prototype much earlier than him. Earlier by 2,000 years.

This invention gave birth to a skill that has attributed to the emergence of millions of bicycles in the streets of China and thereafter many more countries.

Riding a bicycle can save you money as it provides you a mode of transport that only uses your kinetic energy. It builds up your stamina and fitness.

If you love riding passionately , you might just develop your skills to ride up terrains for sport or use it as a source of income.

Riding was a great part of my life and I owe it to my younger brother and his friends for teaching me to ride a bicycle when I was 10yrs old.

If you don’t know how to ride a bicycle, ask a friend to teach you. Once you learn , your destinations are endless. You’ll be able to participate with other friends if you go to the beach, park or nature reserve.

You lose weight if you ride on the daily. Your calf muscles and glutes will start developing into rock hard goodness.

Don’t forget that you can do a side income for delivery as well through this.

2) Driving or Riding A Motorbike

It’s best, at any phase of life, that you learn this skill. Driving or riding a motorbike is a skill that gives you a convenience and may potentially become a source of income on the side (like delivery services).

Well frankly, we really want to reduce the carbon footprint of this planet. And we don’t encourage owning a car if you really don’t need to. If your country’s public transport system is World class, then by all means go Public.

So instead of owning a car, why not just rent it if you don’t drive all the time or don’t require it as a necessity.

Renting it when you need it saves you the headache of paying for your HDB season parking (Housing Development parking space) every month and cut the frustration of looking for a parking lot all the time.

So if you do rent a car, organize your monthly schedule correctly so that it synchronizes with the activities that you need the car for. If you’re looking for a side income, here are some income avenues you can venture into.

Sources of Income By Riding or Driving:

1- Driving Grab/Uber/Lyft

2- Delivery services

3- Concierge service

4- Passenger Transport Service

5- Tour guide service

When you have a skill like Driving, it will literally get you places. If you know what I mean.

3) Swimming

This skill is more for survival. You may never know when you require this skill at a moment’s notice. It can be used to save yourself or to save others.

People who love being in the water, thrive best in activities and occupations that is close to or is water based.

They feel a oneness with the ocean or whenever they’re near water sources. Human dolphins as I’d call them.

Even if you’re not an advanced swimmer, at least learning how to tread water or float is the basic skill you should acquire.

Haven’t had this skill yet ? There are many sources that you can do homework on to participate in adult swim lessons throughout the country.

Possible sources of income for this skill are :

1-Diving Instructor

2-Rigging Diver

3-Swim instructor

4- Marine Biologist/ Sea Life trainer

Good job if you’ve taught your child or sent them for swim lessons.

4) Cooking

Last but definitely not least is, the basic skills of cooking. We are mankind, we thrive and survive on food. Especially so if you know how to cook, your life is basically settled and A-O.K. This very basic skill can save you hundreds of dollars on eating out.

It encourages you to fend for yourself and make the best of whatever ingredients you can get your hands on.

A typical urban couple that has both adults working spend close to $200-$400 a week just on eating out. And if your lifestyle is a little bit more luxurious then, you could fork out a fortune just on food.

An average family of four household groceries for a month can start from $500-$700, depending on where they do their shopping and what they eat on the daily.

That’s almost a $600 savings just based on eating more home cooked food.

Live simply, within your means and don’t create waste. It’s easier to gauge how much you consume as a family, couple or Singleton and cook according to that.

Possible Sources Of Income with Cooking:

1- Chef / Cook

2-Restauranteur (Interest in the F&B type of business)

3-Professional Bakers (you may open a bakery, cafe or teach)

4- Cooking Teacher (for schools or as a private free lancer

So there you have it, basic life skills that you should learn at some point in your life.

Skills that allow you to fully experience life and have control over your day to day. Skills that may become a source of income if you’d just acquire it. It doesn’t require any form of formal education (paper certificates) to be able to learn these skills.

Just make sure you have a good attitude, positive outlook and a willingness-to-learn mentality.

You’ll all set. Go and get these life skills pronto!


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