How to Overcome 3 Adulting Fears


Whoa. That’s a big word and I still feel like I’m just making it through High school (even though it was a gazillion years ago for me). Haha. Growing up sure has its pros and cons, right ?

As we age, we are forced to face the most daunting task of growing up.


Adulting comes in the form of sticky situations and issues that we are forced to face and deal with. It leaves us feeling anxious, sometimes dumb and even lost.

Though growing older should come along with being a responsible adult, we tend to digress into other fantastical things like the latest Red Dead Redemption II or what heartbreak movies Netflix is playing during our birthday month.

Not to worry young one, as we grow older, we tend to experience the ever so gorgeous spectrum of life more frequently and we naturally fill up our belts with enough ammunition to hold a small fort. It’ll all sink in soon. Trust me.

One form of “Adulting” is dealing with bills. Something that we don’t look forward to only because we know that last night’s pay is all going to paying that credit card loan for this month.

Gone were the days that we could sit in front of the tv on a nice Sunday morning, drinking a hot mug of cocoa watching cartoons and not have a care about the World.

Dealing with Bills

Breathe in, sit down and go through a list of things you actually need to pay for. Write it down according to the highest level of priority.

Once you see it written down on paper, you will be shocked at the actual amount of your expenditure.

Create another account solely for savings.

Ensure that you set aside the amount that you have to spend on in your daily account and then debit whatever balance there is into your new savings account.

Start doing this for the first month. You’ll get used to it once you get the hang of it.

Dealing with Mail

I hate opening mail as much as I hate mopping. You know why..? Because the mail that comes in are only bills, notices and memos of updates of your insurance, bank statements and all matters related to your housing. Sticky stuff.

The main thing why I hate dealing with mail is because I hate dealing with what’s IN the mail. That’s the hard truth. I have trouble breathing just thinking about it.

Get me a breathing apparatus, God this makes me squirm.

1.Get a letter opener.

2.Gather all your unopened mail.

3. Sit down and switch on a really Go-to inspirational song of choice. An oldie but a goodie is Micheal Sembello’s OST to The Monster Squad “Rock Until You Drop”.

4. Go through your mail like a Japanese bullet train.

5.Organize your mail into folders or files so that you won’t get a heart attack just trying to find your reference for something you really need to get to.

6.Reward yourself with a really good episode of Friends or a well deserved meal or foot rub.

Side tip: Another sure way of doing your mail is to go through it after you’ve had a workout. After that run, go to your mailbox. Check it regularly. Then speed through the junk mail and sort out your other letters immediately before a good shower.

Dealing with Appointments That Matter

We all have that dental appointment or yearly check up that we procrastinate to get set up. How about visiting your Mum? Getting that tummy checked cos it always hurts for no reason. Even getting to meeting someone who you need to meet up with, is as important as any other appointments.

You know you gotta do it but making the time for it is just too much commitment on your plate.

You’d rather organize a nice dinner with your spouse or afternoon game with your friends.

Remember, the more you try to push it aside, the more serious the delay could become.

It could be deadlines at work that you’ve got to deal with. So sacrifice that late night Netflix fix and get your work done.

It could be that project that you’ve always put off doing till the last minute or seeing your specialist or family psychiatrist or even visiting a friend.

Especially if you’ve always have that one thing you need to get done before you you know.. last breaths kinda moments, or someone you need to speak to urgently, to get something off your chest before you regret never doing it.

Get to it now! Put it on your Google calendar and set a reminder. Find a buddy who can be a mentor to help you to stick to your projects and appointments. Let them be a part of this responsibility. Be accountable!

Alright, I think these are enough to start your warm up on managing Adulting issues. Kick start to dealing with these first before anything else major and you’re on the right track.

Create a simple life for yourself. Life’s too short to stress about and over complicate everything. Get over these fears and ace at Adulting.

Happy Start of the Week!


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