Countdown: The 10 Things To Do To Prepare For The New Year

We’ve got a few more weeks to go before 2019 meets us all. Are we ready to embark into new adventures? Have we completed the goals we set out for in 2018? Well, it’s count down time and you’re almost there.

Here’s the Simplelife’s Countdown To 2019 :

10. Goals Check !

Complete all unfinished Goals.

Whether it was to read at least three books this year or lose the 10kg that you set out to do but failed, this is the right time to get that going.

Book Buddy

Get yourself an accountability buddy and read at least 1/4 of the book every day. Do this till the end of the month or time yourself to complete it by the first week of February. Who’s really being calculative on “exact” timing. Don’t worry about it. At least you’ll be continuing a goal that goes into the New Year. Clock in a success stamp on IG or Facebook to indicate that you’ve completed a certain amount of pages. I personally use an app called Goodreads to track my progress. It’ll motivate you to a great extent.


Don’t eat your weight, eat right. Yo-yoing on one diet to another is pretty harsh for your body to take so here’s a small tip. Stick to one for at least a month. Do it progressively. Here’s what I personally do and what works for me.

1)Stop eating carbs for a week. Then eat carbs for 1-2 days and then repeat the one week no carbs

2) Run 20mins 3 times a week

3) Do not over replenish on liquids but do not dehydrate yourself either

4) Reduce your sugar intake by half

5) Weigh yourself every 3-5 days to physically see the progress. Do it from now till January the 1st and celebrate.

6) Do intermittent fasting or just fast a whole day if you can.

7) Stop eating too much red meat. Eat it only once a week or once in two weeks. Load up on greens and fruit.

Remember, these might work for me but it’s not for everyone’s body, metabolism and blood type. Please consult your doctor if you have any illnesses or health concerns and restrictions.

9. Declutter Your Home

Take out the trash already !

I’m talking about overhauling your entire home. Today, start small, begin with the entrance of your home. Shoes that have been stripped naked of its sole, dirty and old tattered shoes that you’ll never get cleaned or fixed. Throw them all out. Create more room for new things in 2019. The entrance of the home should be an introduction of what’s inside the home.

Then start the following day with another small room. Leave major rooms like the bedroom and kitchen for a weekend. You’ve got 4 weekends to go. Please sacrifice this time to get the spring cleaning started and get whatever fixtures you need to get fixed fixed, instead of going shopping or fishing. Enter 2019 with a fresh new look.

8. Donate Your Unused and Unwanted Goods

After you’ve made some sales on EBay, Amazon, Craig’s List or Carousel, you’ll probably have a lot more unwanted goods that people just don’t want to pay a dollar for.

Donate them to the Salvation Army or anyone you know who might need them. There’s a lot of Facebook groups who are helping families in need.

It’s no time to be all Girlboss and trying to pull a Sophia Amoruso on old vintage finds. Just get rid of them. Like taking off a bandaid. Don’t look, just do it. You’ll find more lovely finds in future.

7. Get rid of old mail

I know it seems trivial but believe me, we all have a stack of letters that has been around since 2015. Maybe some of you even have letters backdated since 2010, who knows. Paper waste is space taken over. Get rid of old mail as fast as possible. If you can’t throw them away, then archive them. Don’t let them sit underneath your coffee table drawer or on your desk collecting dust. It belongs in the trash with other paper buddies.

6. Throw out Old Tech

We have a lot of old technology lying around the house and in the office.

I’ve had my MacBook since 2010 and it’s still running but I’m starting to look at better options since it’s already not operating at its prime state. So since I might be starting a small business from home and need a more manageable device for my write ups, I’m scouting for a good iPad or tablet that I can take everywhere with me.

While we are at the topic of old technology, get rid of old radios or old batteries that have been in your torchlight or transistor radio (if that even exists anymore), like forever. And check your alarm clock too.

6. Quick Visits to People Who You were suppose to See

Give yourself a feel-good experience by doing a good deed of taking time to care and ask how your friends are doing.

Spend at least an hour or two to catch up with old friends and people who you promised to see this year but didn’t, like your best friend (or even a visit to the dentist). I think it will really make a delightful difference. Better still, ask them if they want to come over for brunch or a little tea time.

If you’re going over to visit them, do bring at least a small token like flowers, a fruit basket or even simple groceries as a nice gesture. The best time too, is if you can do a quick drop by their workplace. Like if they’re a staff at a hospital, you can have lunch with them on their break. If they’re a teacher, you could bring a small basket of muffins to surprise them at work. If they’re someone who works at a restaurant, you could have your meal there too. Think of all the creative ways and places you could meet. Be random. A lot of people love random (puts up hand).

Now let’s get serious. The last 5 on our to-do list.

5. Meet up with Your Consultants

Whether it’s your insurance agent, your financial planner, your broker, banker or Property manager, it’s a good practice to meet up at least 2 months before the year end to take a look at your finances and assets you own, to have an overview of where you stand. This way, you’ll know what to invest in or pull out of cos you know something’s not working. It’s tough to find consultants who actually do sincerely care about your assets and progress, so it’s your responsibility to keep track at the end of the day. But if you do find the rare kinds of consultants that update you from time to time, please treasure their services. You’ll have a tough time finding one who make you feel like you actually matter.

4. Clean Your Fridge

Get yourself a new way of eating. Eat clean if you must. Organize it in a way that when any stranger were to open up your fridge, they’re either impressed or can easily find things. Instead of diving into a chaotic mess, organize and clean out your fridge.

It’s horrible when you have a Macdonald’s chili sauce packet that’s been sitting there for 8 years. Like come on people.

Get to drinking more fruit and vegetable infused water (check out Bae Bottles @ baeb_bylm) it’s simple. It’s nutritious and it’s the easiest way to get good stuff into your system.

You hate veggies ? What a World of a difference that you’re missing out on. It’s like eating steak without French mustard. Or like mash potato without gravy. You need to force that pampered snowflake butt of yours to eat some greens! Greens make you into a lean mean machine.

3. Write Down Only 3 Things To Accomplish in the Next Year

Goal setting.

I like your attitude and positivity but we all know that time and life constraints prevented us from completing the 10 goals we set out for this year.

So let’s be realistic and get to the bottom of the barrel.

List out 3 things that you want to get done in the next year.

Then list out the ways of how you’re going to do it. By micro organizing your goals, you can better pace and see yourself through the goals you set out for. And if and when you’re done with these 3 goals before the end of the following year, by all means, create a new set of 3 goals by the mid of the year.

You’ll breathe easier managing to accomplish them and you’ll be more motivated to do more.

2. Health check

Ok ok. Here is where I’m guilty as charged. I myself have not done this. And I’m still working on it. Use your insurance, work privileges or government referrals to get yourself that full body check up. See what your government or community has to offer when it comes to full body check ups. You’ll be surprised that you could also do that across the border where it’s cheaper and sometimes even more professional compared to where you’re from. Do your homework and don’t give up the ghost. Get yourself checked. Make that appointment soon! Note to self. Hehe.

1. Closing In On Closure

Clear Your Conscience and Cleanse Your Soul

I know the latest saying is that…

Closure is overrated

Don’t be a victim they say. Easy to say out loud but not that easy to swallow.

As what Nicole Sherzinger says, “I hate this part right here..”It’s not where we want to be and it sure is a major sticky situation. Where do we even begin?

Seriously, have you upset anyone in the past year ? Or even let old grudges drag on ? Don’t do that to your soul. Clean that closet out. Let the guilt drain from under you. Clear that conscience so you can breathe better.

I know I know. It’s easier said than done. What if the person you wronged don’t ever want to speak to you ever again ? What if they ignore your texts and block your calls right ?

Well too bad for you, you’ve got to find a way then. Either forgive yourself or just drop a note of apology even if the person doesn’t get back to you. If you don’t hate then there’s no reason to worry. Someone else accepting your apology is truly up to them. Their experience of hurt is not for you to judge and level out. It’s like, you can’t ask a person who’s been stabbed 24 times to not feel the pain. Your threshold and theirs are World’s apart and it’s something that you must embrace.

Growth of your own peace of mind and heart leads to the maturity of your Soul.

Now, if you are someone who has been wronged instead and are the victim of hurt from a certain somebody. Here’s a tip.

Send your forgiveness to the Higher Power. He will do the rest. I know it’s disappointing to know that the obvious people who has wronged you has not stepped up to the plate to gather enough cahoonas to do the right thing.

You have an opinion of them and might even label them as “cowards” and “poison” but you know you’re not to be blamed for their lack of compassion or empathy.

Find ways to cope gracefully with this pain, I know some pains aren’t as easy to forget. Some even left an actual scar, a permanent reminder of what that person has done to you.

Let me tell you this, you’re a warrior of the Universe. Soldier of the Horizon. For you to come this far to endure such pains and still smile and lead a tremendous life is just testimony to the kind of human being you are.

The caliber of your character is just cut from a different cloth. You are the ultimate survivor and you deserve props for this.

Go lead the most extraordinary life you’d ever live. Our last days shouldn’t be spent fussing on toxic people who are just socially putting up a facade of a fake life.

Be true. Be you. Live. Truly live. And love sincerely with all your heart. Even if you don’t have a lot, you make do. Even if you know you could do better, you do your very best to appreciate every ounce of whatever goodness that your life has.

Start writing a gratitude journal.

“I love my life because I have a very understanding partner. I love my life because I have true friends who tell me the truth about myself. I love my life because I love doing what I do at work every day, I have a beautiful and happy home, I have children that look up to me. I love my environment because it’s clean and well organized. I love taking my well deserved holidays or short get aways. I love when I do sports. I love socializing at the community home cos the old folks love it when I visit.”

Just an example of things you could list out.

If you don’t have anything to be grateful for (even the smallest things), then you got to do a self check and introspect.

Cos even being grateful of waking up alive everyday is a gift. And if you can’t even see the greatness in that then you’ve got issues buddy. Get yourself a counselor or a life coach. Or even better, a really good friend.

I hope this very short to-do list can help you on your way to a better 2019. Top up on your vitamin C and create new good habits.

This is what we call “Designing Your Life”.

Here at the Simplelife Club, we aim to inspire and make your life a little simpler by breaking it down for you in good bite-size morsels.

We hope the New Year will make you prosper and start with good beginnings of greater things to come.

Au revoir!

– LM

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