Vicious Vs Virtuous Cycles

Imagine an algorithm tracing your life patterns based on your style of decision making. The “patterns” will show up time and time again because you never divert to a different way of seeing things. You keep falling prey to the same pattern script because you did not re-evaluate how you perceive and relate to the things and events that happen to you.

For example, you tend to always get your heart broken because of the way you consume and relate Love patterns. You will never get out of this vicious cycle until the day you change your thought patterns (your internal algorithm). Change how you view yourself and the subjects that affect how you view yourself.

It’s like an SEO, how the internet recognizes and remembers your viewing patterns when you consume media and info online. Those cat videos and fitness regimes keep popping up on your Insta feed based on your interests and viewing patterns.

They lock it in and repeat the cycle. Cos you’re not interested in anything else, you hate change and you have a very narrow perspective of your likes and dislikes.

That’s all you know how to do and your ability to learn and expand is non existent.

A vicious cycle feeds on fears and uncertainty. Ego is the fuel that ignites that cycle.

Ego is not You. It is the internal voice standing behind your thoughts. It is watching your every move and every spark of idea in your mind, ready to influence. It is on constant standby mode because it is attracted to anger, frustration and doubt. It is the voice that pops up in an argument that make you sound senseless and stupid. That’s Ego.

Ego fears a Mind that is aware. It fears being discovered of its greater agenda. The Ego’s agenda is to force you to succumb to your Fears and project it out as nonsensical thought processing.

If your Mind is not guarded by awareness of Self then it is always prone to an Ego attack.

Relating to thought patterns, your thoughts are the project foundation of your acts. To counter falling prey to repetitive vicious cycles, you need to swap positions with your Ego.

Practice training your Mind to involve itself in positive feedback loops. Create positive feedbacks for yourself and maybe it will attract positive outcomes from your environment (people).

This will cause a Virtuous Cycle. A complex chain of events that results in favorable outcomes compared to its neighbor, Vicious. Where vicious has detrimental results.

Now your Mind has to be the one standing behind your Ego and watching it’s every move. Collecting the data of how it lives, breathes and eats. Understanding your Ego might just improve the way you process the harshness of Life. It allows you to develop your Self worth in a more positive and mature way, without feeling entitled or defensive every time someone else’s Ego interrupts your state of Mind.

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