5 Tips Towards A Simpler Life

Let’s be gone with the old and in with the new. Wash away all negativity and self doubt. Reset the clock of your perspectives. View the World with more clarity and a sense of direction. Now how do we go about doing that ?

1) Build A Forward Mindset

The moment you spark a thought into your mind, the seed of an idea set for failure or success will occur. Be aware of the lies and truths you tell yourself. Engage in positive interactions and disengage from backward thinking and stagnancy. There is always three sides of the coin. Yes. Three sides. Which just translates to not taking everything as the ultimate truth until you’ve explored all avenues of what the Truth actually looks like.

Now what are the three sides of this coin?

It is the Truth as how You see it, the Truth of how Another person sees it and the Truth as in facts and documented proof.

Once you’ve discovered the full aspect of what Truth is, everything else will fall into place. Certainty will exist, clarity will surface and a peace of mind will then begin to seep into your deeper self.

What happens when your mindset is balanced and set in good placing?

A) You will be able to make better decisions.

B) You will move forward in your life.

C) You will begin to attract Goodness, Light and Spiritual Wealth.

Your Mind is the Grand Master Crafter of your own future. What you set your mind to, you will become. Always remember that.

2) Minimize Your Material Inventory

The new era forward is a generation with lesser things. Hopefully in another 30 years, the word “Hoarders” will be a thing of the past.

We are not asking you to live a monastery lifestyle where the only items you own are two t-shirts, a pair of really good fitting pants, a toothbrush, one pair of shoes and a really good book.

Minimalism is more than just that and it’s not defined by the amount of items you own. It is based on how many items that actually add value to your Life. That’s the most important part of it.

Look through everything you own. Be very critical of its value and how it plays a part in your life. Will you miss it if it’s gone? Will it cause you any inconvenience if you do not own it ? Will it devalue you in any way if you live with only 10 t-shirts instead of 60, 5 dresses instead of 20?

If you can reevaluate this aspect of your life, being decisive will be a norm. The lesser things you own, the more room there is in your livable space and congested mind.

You create a better and easier environment to clean on a daily basis and life in general will then run like a well oiled ship.

3) Aim to Create Good Relations Wherever You Go

Rapport is key in building a business, forging life long friendships, garnering good neighbors and attracting empathy.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, the most basic human connection is a smile.

Just with this magical upside down frown, you set off your day with a good footing in the door of Life experiences. Test it out. Get on the public bus, acknowledge the driver with a nod and a smile. Hold the door for someone and create eye contact. Address your Uber driver by name and see what effect you get. You might find one or two rare hitches but I can assure you that there will be a feel-good factor in all this. People will tend to show you more kindness and empathy wherever you go. This will ease your life in many ways.

This is also another way to attract positive vibrations into your system. Like attracts Like, always.

4) Nurturing Gratitude

It’s not as easy as saying your prayers before you eat or thanking someone for something they’ve done for you.

Gratitude begins with ;

– a sense of realization of the Self

– appreciating Life and the capacity of its potential

– showing kindness and gratitude through selfless acts , paying it forward

If you’re able to delve into the deep end of your soul and find that common ground of humility, you’ll be able to find that a lot of the things that once complicate you, have now become easy and manageable.

Your Ego will do it’s very best to divert you and lead you astray to a far negative side. Stop it in its tracks if at anytime you start to feel privileged, demanding and all-deserving. This will only lead you to a very certain death of attracting Wealth in all forms of it.

So ease your way to a simpler lifestyle by practicing Gratitude. This in turn nurtures Grace. People will see you in a different light and your blissful aura will introduce itself almost immediately and you naturally become more attractive and adored by many.

5) Organize Your Life

Its time to change your address and not live in an endless mess. Organization is actually the greatest if not the ultimate cardinal rule to a simpler Life.

Say what you want about people with OCD or neat freaks as you call them. They are the ones with the tools to craft a simpler lifestyle for themselves.

Be it organizing your finances, your love life, your social life, family, home environment or even your refrigerator, organization will create a guide to a more simpler and “pain free” life.

Stress levels decrease. Pressure is released. And the World is a much happier place to be in.

When you organize your time, you’re more productive and you’re able to foresee and trouble shoot a lot of issues ahead of everyone else. Hence, giving you an edge anywhere you go.

When you organize your environment, retrieving and placing things will be such an ease for the eyes and the mind. There’s nothing to think cos you know where everything is and how it should be.

When you organize your finances, wealth will kick in automatically and money will allow itself to have a better relationship with you.

Taking a whole weekend off to just organize your life will reap endless benefits for you in the future. There is no way that being organized will stress you out or make life difficult.

Create a template for yourself and invent a system that works. Experiment and conduct trial and errors to see what works. You will thank yourself for it in time to come. The vibration of the people and things around you will eventually change too.

Organization is definitely paramount in the steps to a more stress free, relaxed and simpler life.

We aim to bring value to your life so you can live it to its fullest potential.

We hope these 5 Valuable Tips works out for you to creating a more simpler lifestyle.

Ciao !

– Meredith

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