5 Habits to Build as a Young Adult

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1. Reading

Of course the first thing that came out of your mouth was “err..but I don’t read” but you’re reading this so that’s a step up.

Well, you’re talking to a reading convert here. I used to love to read when I was a kid. My go-to book was the Secret Seven series. That’s like major when you’re 8, back in the day. Then I lost interest in reading, even though growing up, my Dad subscribed to Reader’s Digest and bought an encyclopedia for us to dive our heads into.

He made an effort trying to be a good parent but all of us were just not into reading tiny words in bad fonts that had no pictorial value to it. No offense Reader’s Digest.

Then I grew older and reading made me fall asleep more than wanting to know about what the book is actually about (I sometimes do use reading as a sleeping mechanism) haha.

Anyway, I’m an adult now and my perspective of reading changed. I saw how my peers were into reading and I guess being surrounded by positive progressive adults made a determined change in my life.

I saw the benefits of reading self-improvement books. I learned a lot of life hacks and gained a more visionary point of view through the experiences of others. This habit, had I continued nurturing since I was younger could’ve saved me years of finding my life purpose and learning how to organize my time better and develop a money mindset that might’ve made me a millionaire by the time I’m 30.

2. Eating well

I love instant noodles and I still do actually but little did I know as a young adult that eating right for your body is the most important if not vital objective that you must do for your body, for your health and for the survival of your future.

Exercise is also important but eating well trumps that anytime. Without good nutritious food entering your system, you can forget about lifting those weights bro.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate. I can’t stress that enough. Drinking water (not colored or artificially flavored drinks) is crucial for your body to get rid of toxins and all that gunk that you ate during New Year’s or your cousin’s wedding.

Detox water is the way to go. Check out baeb_bylm on IG for recipes on that.

Make it a habit to eat good nutritious foods whenever you can.

3. Stop Compulsive Consuming

Stop buying stuff you don’t need!

Well this is more of a habit to get rid of than to gain actually.

We are shoppers let’s face it. We consume more than we actually need. Be it online, fast fashion and anything that our peers are trending on, like major hobbies that require lots of money and maintenance.

The key is to not spend more than you make. If you’re working part time, use that cash flow for something more useful. Like invest in yourself by taking up a course or invest it somewhere that has low risk. Go learn about it.

You don’t need a 1.2k Dior wallet or an e-scooter that is souped up for an illegal road race at 4am with a bunch of people who don’t care about the value of money or time.

If you’re getting all these unnecessary stuff just not to have FOMO (Fear of missing out), well then you’re not using your brains for what God has made it for. You don’t need a Mercedes that you can’t afford to prove a point.

It’s not that you can’t use the money for fun and entertainment. You can. But be reasonable and responsible with your money. Cos your friends won’t care about how you splurge your riches away, they only care about blowing it off for one night and then that one night becomes every other weekend. So stop buying stuff you don’t need and don’t spend on things that will put you in debt or shortage of money.

4. Create a Routine

We all have 24hrs in a day. Be it the rich, the middle class or the poor. There is no excuse for you to say that you don’t know how to or have no time to do certain things that benefits you. How do you compartmentalize and organize your time on the daily?

You can say that this is a keystone habit to building a network of other habits. Research and read up on what good routines to build. A lot of Youtubers like Lavendaire and Matt D’Avella share with us their own personal routines that they developed as they grow older.

Creating a routined habit like for instance, preparing what clothes to wear the night before, a winding-down to bed routine just before sleeping cos maybe you have a hard time falling asleep, listing out things to do for the week in your journal, stuff like that, will honestly change your daily momentum.

I would say the best routine to build first if you’re a routine newbie is a “Morning Routine”. Here’s one of my mentors Aileen Xu on Lavendaire with one of her morning routines. Enjoy watching, it’s so relaxing.

5. Watch Your Cash Flow

We all have that love and hate relationship with our bank account, don’t we. One day it’s full next day it’s gone. It’s like the Fast and the Furious family came in and wiped us clean right from under us.

Watch where your money goes to. You can’t Uber yourself here and there like a jolly giant as though money grows on trees. If you can walk, WALK. If you can take the metro then do it. Take public. Go frugal at times. Stop buying Starbucks 5x a day when you can get cheaper coffee somewhere else or get it from home and put it in a flask.

I personally watch The Financial Diet for my daily dose of Money Mindset tips and other life hacks. Don’t say I didn’t share good stuff with ya haha.

I was in 18k worth of debt a couple of years ago and I had a really good friend who smacked the nonsense out of me. She sat me down and schooled me through a money mindset change.

It was worth every scolding and detoxification process. I had to get this nonsensical point of view with money out of my system.

Watch your cash flow carefully. List down the things that you spend on that you don’t actually need to spend on. Like morning coffee, or planning your time better so you can catch the public transport(free shuttle buses in your area) and make easy lunches to bring along.

So now you have it. Get to work on adopting good habits like these to start off your adulting stage in life. And if you’re already an adult, why not start to change your life for the better. A better path leads to a higher quality lifestyle.

Have a great midweek !!


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