3 Ways To Simplify Your Life That You Never Thought About

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We’ve heard it all. Decluttering, get rid of poisonous people, organize your time, just to add a few.

We’ll share with you 3 ways to simplify your life that you never did think of but can only be achieved with great determination and bravado.

Here’s 3 Simple Ways :

1. Detach yourself from all emotions, things and human relations

We’re not asking you to cut off ties, become a robot or live in a cave with leaves as clothes.

We’re trying to let you see the other side of the parallel Universe.

All that you ever know about yourself is self identification. Your heritage, your life story, your sense of style, how you react towards situations, your occupation and how you decorate your home.

Detaching is not an easy feat to master young Padawans. You’ve got to come up to a higher level of consciousness in order to achieve that. Even most of us at the Simple Life Community hasn’t reached that level yet.

So go read the Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle (minimum twice cos it’s a hard read), just to get a jist of what remains after you’ve detached yourself from all the things you identify yourself with. The hardest part is detaching from relations.

Now this doesn’t mean to detach as in to cut ties with anyone. You’ve got to have that much compassion and unconditionality to be able to accept what “Is”. The Isness, as Eckhart says, is the essence of being still and grateful of what Is. Embracing the circumstance and yet constantly being aware of what Is happening, now. The present. Removing the past to view the present. Working on ways to improve life in the now, with no expectations and anxiety of future.

Well, I can’t possibly summarize two months of intense reading in one article so you’ve got to do that as this month’s homework.

A good interview I’d like to share is of Oprah Winfrey and a Vietnamese monk Thick Nhat Hanh . The aura of a true master in constant practice and training.

Photo by: Dana Gluckstein (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Simplification with the method of Detachment will decrease your stress levels to a gigantic amount and with less expectations and more management of the present time, you’ll learn how to appreciate what truly matters most and be at peace with everything that life has got, thrown at you.

2. Prayer | Meditation | Martial Arts

We’ve asked converts and Yogis and enough practicing people about this method. It’s the way to settle your in depth disagreements and monsters of ego that causes us to be rash and hyper activated.

You know that whole Keep Calm movement? Well, this is old school and it’s the only method that works when it comes to dealing with your inner demons. Trust us.

Indulge yourself in learning more about your religion and forms of meditation practice. When you truly understand the subject, the perspective about yourself will change and also how you view or understand everything around you.

Learning a form of martial art will develop you to become disciplined and focused. With practice and passion, you definitely quiet down the raging emotions inside and it’s also to release those emotions, in a more mindful and positively charged activity.

Simplification with the method of Owning a Discipline diverts our focus to being a more centered person who can respond to life instead of reacting in a defensive way.

3. Be with Nature

It’s the go green go vegan era. And some of us have jumped into that boat. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not asking you to convert to veganism and all that. We’re simply making you aware of the biology that is You and the living things around you.

Plants, trees, forests, flowers, bee farms, lavender fields and natural habitats and reservations are readily available for us to admire, be close to and explore.

I once spent three days two nights on an island somewhere in Malaysia, that brought me back to a simplified life.

Walking on the sand barefooted, a simple breakfast and eating the evening’s catch. That trip was the most relaxing vacation I ever had in my life.

I didn’t have a care in the World. It was the sea, the sand and some really friendly villagers who respected our privacy but who were also so welcoming and open.

I also went mountain trekking back in 2016. That was honestly a horrible trip due to the mishaps of the company that was supposed to take care of me but it was a really humbling experience with nature.

The majesty of the Mountain makes you feel like you’re just a grain of rice in a vast and complex Universe. I was 700m short of the summit but the view from the mountain face was something I’d never forget. I teared watching the sun rise and one person popped up in my head immediately , my loving mother.

Photo by : Leoni Matahari

What an experience.

Simplification by the method of Being with Nature reorganizes your priorities and indeed adds a calm factor into your life. Green is the way to go.

I bet you never thought that any of these ways could contribute to a more meaningful and simplified way of life.

To summarize:

Don’t be governed by Thought but be aware of its presence and it’s pre-planned actions. Catch it in its tracks and stop reacting, instead practice responding with peace and calm. Own a Discipline to focus your energy on. Stay calm and centered when you face a situation. Realize the Nature around you and be close to it. Respecting its existence and majesty will humble you.

Have an awesome weekend !!


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