12 Poisonous Traits that You MUST get rid of

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Naturally, we are people of Light and Love. Born into this beautiful World as an empty canvas awaiting for all of Life’s colors to paint us.

It is in our birth right to survive, to love, to defend and to gain useful Knowledge.

But there are some of us who were brought into this World without knowing this birth right and instead, got lost along the way and started practicing a path of Darkness and Negativity.

These are just some of the traits of what a Dark Life consist of and that if practiced, will eventually destroy our good energy life paths. If you have any of these traits or your loved ones have highlighted this as feedback to you, please do your best to get out of the this path.

The Darkness is not where our energies can excel . It is the main cause of illnesses, chronic and prolong psychological pain and it also props up in issues like no self confidence, self pity, no progress, unsuccessful relationships and misery.

So watch out for the traits below.

1) Arrogance : leads to blindness of the Heart. The Wise Knowledge and Messaging from the Creator is unable to reach the inner core of the unconscious Self due to unwillingness to open One’s heart and mind. Or the individual is not in tune with One’s deeper thoughts because One prefers easy ways out, or an easy life (by being spoon fed by others, like friends, parents or spouse).

2) Ego : is the obstacle to communication and inner and external understanding. Defensiveness when receiving ultimatum and advice due to inability to *Listen* without judgement or prejudice towards peers. Inability to realize and accept personal flaws and faults. Find ways to reject factual information about Self.

Some of us live our very lives having a need to always be seen as “cool” or accepted/gaining recognition and status in society. Always looking at ways to impress others through media eyes even without consciously knowing it. This is when the Ego takes over One’s life.

3) Ungratefulness : With no Gratitude comes emptiness and void. Self is governed by destructive inner voice that is self -indulging. Indulgence in behaviors and actions that is selfish and irrational. Inability to find value in the present, in your experiences (be it good or bad), and in the value of kindness and goodness of others upon self. However small a kindness was shown to you. Therefore, due to no gratitude, Self could not be presented with Goodness and Empathy. Self attracts similar paths, like poverty, mishap and spiritual Death.

4) Absence Of Humility: The absence of Humility leads to absence of good tidings. Good tidings are reserved for the patient, the hardworking, the transparent, the humble and the kind. Humility needs to be displayed in order to attract the World of Goodness and Kindness into Self’s life.

5) Absence of Transparency/ Honesty : in the sense of being fully transparent with One’s self. One must be able to fully disclose information on One’s self in order to receive necessary precise help from others and from the Creator. When one isn’t honest and be fully truthful with Self and others , one can only see a reflection of lies and deceit. When you are able to be fully transparent and honest, you will be able to break the glass of deception. The fake mirror is unreliable and shows you a mirage of past events (guilt tripping) and future imaginations (anxiety on what’s to come due to past or present actions).

6)Absence of Integrity: when Self is unable to keep to the simple act of giving “your word and promise” to One’s Self or to others, the word Integrity begins to form a different meaning. Integrity is the act that the Self does when no one is looking. When Self sabotages this understanding, Self sabotages friendships and all form of relations. One will start to attract hatred and disgust from others. As other energies and souls recognize this negative trait, Self tends to attract negative energies and massive problems.

7)The Dislike to be Altruistic : when One helps other people, the Self forms a mountain of Opportunity for the Wise Knowlegde from the Creator to arrive. The higher the mountain, the closer to The Creator of the Universe we get. Through small acts of helping others, like assisting using physical form of help (for those who aren’t able to help by monetary means) , the Self builds this grand mountain that attracts Happiness. Altruistic acts which means when Self does not indulge in one’s self and issues but sees the beauty of assisting others even by assurance or act of Listening, the Self develops goodness and happiness. Absence of Altruism is connected to Selfishness and too indulging in one’s matters and in their vanity.

8)Unwillingness to Commit : Commitment is a way that One informs other persons, community and family that they are worthy of Loyalty and that they are a reliable person. When the Self doesn’t want to commit to anything important in the fabric of life, void will settle into the life energy of your vessel and a selfish seed will begin to fruit. This repels good people that may be able to contribute by nourishing the Self with love and growth. Wisdom can be gained through the experience of Commitment.

People who deflect from Commitment , be it Projects, hard work, attending of events, stepping up to responsibilities, and also being on time, are likely to project an Ugliness. The Self is seen as an unreliable human and that person prefers to take rather than give. A selfish and ugly energy continues to revolve and the Self stunts growth of the Spirit and Soul.

A person who TAKES more than they GIVE are likely to cut off their path of Wealth, Health and Happiness. Once again, the indulgent Self has sabotaged all opportunities for a better Life.

9)Living in Past Regrets: when one is unable to move away from the horrid past, no new opportunities will occur. Self lives in Past address. Therefore, Self creates a repetition of past “Deaths”. Death here means the horrid and traumatic pain that caused us to experience misery and helplessness. No new experiences can be felt due to inability to move away from the past time. Time in this matter is relative.

10)An Ignorance to Self Reflect in Detail: the only way to release the mental, spiritual, emotional and tangible Trap of Misery, is to sit down, assess all past miseries and pain and find the root of the cause. Understanding the root will lead to knowing what solutions are available and what resources you have to improve Life of Self.

11)Self loathing and Blame Pushing: when one despises the path the Creator has given them without wanting to understand why the path was given to them, in retrospect of their situation, the same paths will continually be issued to them.

This connects to Ungratefulness and Arrogance. The unconscious and stubborn Self disagrees with their reality and describes and recreate excuses upon excuses for their own mistakes. They marry their excuses and recognizes them as valid reasons.

This shows the fake mirror that they look into. A reflection that is untrue and blurred but they acknowledge it as their ultimate Truth.

When actually it is a presented and overrated lie. And they enjoy looking at the lie and agreeing with it. When One retreats from rational thinking and problem solving and has behaviors and speech that is in desperate need to fish out pity and sympathy from others, the Self projects another Ugliness of the Soul.

Self loathing invites a Darkness. Behaviors that are irrational and arrogant repels Light entering their lives. The Darkness will remain with them as it loves those who are unsure of themselves and who aren’t able to speak up properly and confidently.

12)Laziness : all forms of laziness attracts misfortune, unhappiness and unwanted negative energies. When laziness is practiced often, the Self encourages the deterioration of Good energy that probably would have led to better paths for the Self. Laziness is the ultimate sabotage for Success and Love. To counter this, a form of Discipline needs to set in place. Whether in daily routines, prayer or meditation.

So there you have it.

The 12 poisonous traits that we must get rid of.

They are the ingredients to our spiritual and physical death.

We must do all we can to practice good habits. This also includes goodness through kindness and through responding to Life situations and people with Love.

With the discipline of the Self through daily acts like good routines of eating right, feeling right and physical and spiritual exercise, the Heart grows Wisdom. This will encourage good energies to be attracted to the Self in all forms. Like love, happiness and wealth. The Self will then be able to learn from their human experience and contribute, instead of floating through life, “lifeless” and “purposeless”.

Then the toughest hurdle is, the discipline of the Mind. The Mind is the controller of what we do, when the Mind is tamed and trained, the Ego’s voice will subside and the subconscious voice will start to pay attention and be aware of everything good and worthy. Do not allow your Ego to be in the driver’s seat. It’ll most probably drag you down to a path of Self sabotage and Hatred.

When the Heart and the Mind are in sync, the body in turn, reaps the benefits from endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, all feel good chemicals that aids with healthy living.

We hope that these traits give you a clearer point of view of what the Self can fall trap to if you live a Life of Darkness.

It is also a check list for your own personal well being.

So do check your Self, every so often.

Happy Sunday People !


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