Solo Tripping on a Broken Heart

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A friend not too long ago asked a very interesting question. One that maybe most of us do think about when we happen to face it.

A question that kept repeating in our minds because the pain could not disappear and the trauma is so on point that it psychically made us ill and unwell.

Will traveling solo help to get over a Heartbreak? Will this adventurous experience expose us to our inner Self and make us feel good and forget ?

In the millions of heartaches that I’ve experienced, traveling solo will only do ONE thing.

It will make you LEARN.

It is the path you take to understand Yourself. Not to forget an unrequited love.

Once you understand Yourself, you will be able to fully comprehend Why certain things kept happening to you?

Maybe same patterns kept recurring. Like disappointments, heartbreaks or mismatches.

To get over a Heartache is not through traveling.

It is in the Acceptance that Mankind should ultimately love The Creator first and surrender the decision on who is the best for us, to the workings of The Creator of the Universe. This is by asking for the Highest Form of Goodness for Us. Request for the Highest Form of what the Creator Know is best for you.

It may sound like you aren’t living a fulfilling and fair life for yourself but surrender has its own capacity to extend beyond our understanding that even great spiritual gurus have no answer to.

I know it’s tough even for me to say it. But once you UNDERSTAND who you are and your purpose, LOVE will be given to you automatically and in so much abundance that you’ll be spoiled for choice and sometimes confusion, cos there are so many.

Know who You are first. Your reason and purpose on this Earth. Then the person gifted to you, will come. And most times, you won’t fall in love with them…BUT you definitely learn how to love them or see love in them, and they will possess almost all the criteria that fits your own character.

Traveling solo is the door to a journey of Understanding Self. Every travelers experience will be different because it depends on what The Universe wants you to gain through your intention and attention.

So as you seek something , whether it’s love or peace or calmness, the Seeker will be given Knowledge. Then it is your duty to connect the dots and see what the picture is showing.

You will meet a person or persons that will be the ones that give you the answers to questions that you don’t even know you actually have, and this heightens your awareness level.

To get over Heartache is only one way my friends.

Be friends with Time.


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