Be like the Bamboo Tree

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1. The Chinese bamboo tree takes about 5 years to grow. For the first year, you’ll see no growth. The second, the third and even on the fourth year, there will still be no growth, but on the fifth year is when it shoots up so high and keeps on growing.

It took it 5 years to grow from a seedling of nothing to the great heights of giant plants. Everyone takes time to grow to find their way up. That means so will you.

The secret is to be consistent and be constant pursuing whatever it is that you’re pursuing. Push on and don’t stop. 5 years might seem far right now, but you’ll see the mega growth once you’ve done the good time. It’s all in good time.

2. The bamboo tree can grow up so tall that it would eventually bend over and touch the ground due to its weight.

This signifies the ability to be humble and compassionate. You are willing to go to the level of understanding people who have not seen your abundance and happiness, to be able to show compassion to your employees or team mates if you’re a CEO or Team Leader and also to ground yourself and remember your humbling roots.

Humility displays an honorable character. Be humble like the bamboo and you’ll never forget your roots

3. The Bamboo tree is resilient and multi purposeful. Just like how your character should be in Life. Be resourceful and purposeful. Live with intention and endure the path of Life, as it is a journey of endurance and resilience. Be aware of life’s changes and turns. It’ll catch you when you least expect it.

So learn from the bamboo tree. Nature has much to teach us.

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