How to find your Passion?

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So a friend asked me this simple yet defining question.

How do I find my passion or recognize what my passion actually is?

I mean, we’re talking about a few hundred possibilities here, on what any one person would have as a passion.

It stretches out from as far as being a martial arts teacher cos you were inspired by Karate Kid growing up in the 80’s, to something as simple as a florist, just because you love buying fresh flowers every second Sunday of the month.

So how does someone define what their passion is ? And how do we further explore the trenches of that passion? Or could we even earn from what we love to do?

1. What do you love to do ?

Choosing what you love can be tricky. Especially if you have a billion things that you always wanted to try out or venture into.

So how do you know which one is The One?

While some of us wake up with a constant need to do something in particular, the rest of us have no particular area in our life that we feel, requires that much attention for passion.

So let’s work this out, do you wake up every day and the first thought you have, is to pen something down in your journal or write up a post ? Then most probably your passion is writing.

When you open your eyes and riding your bike is the first vision you have, then riding is your thing. Cos you enjoy it. You like how it makes you feel.

Do you think of painting, trimming plants ? Does working on wood sheets all morning put you in the mood for a good start of the week? Then THAT is your passion.

So what do you think about the first thing you get up? And what is the last thing on your mind ? Or do you have a tiny daydream moment that catches you in mid day? Maybe you’ve had this goal that you’ve always kept at the back of your mind. And you thought it’s unreachable because you’ve got kids now and there’s no time and it’s beyond your capacity and all that jazz.

Is it the thought of the pitter patter of your children’s feet making their way to your bedroom that warms your heart enough to make you stay home full time? Could parenthood be your undying passion?

Is it planning the food prep for the week, your gig ? Organizing events ? Could it be designing ? How about baking ? Taking professional photographs on the weekends for weddings?

Is it working out your triceps at the gym? Or fixing up your car?

There must be that one thing that you always think about. That’s always on your mind. The thing that brings you joy when you do it. That takes away your worry, the thing that always captures your attention, interest and wonder.

Something that if you do it a thousand times over within a month, wouldn’t bore you to death.

That motivates you every time you do it. Now THAT is your passion.

2. Does it Spark Joy ?

I know I’m going all Marie Kondo about this but it’s awesomely true.

You got to find that passion that actually sparks joy. If there isn’t that feel-good feeling or if it doesn’t make you feel nice and cosy or accomplished, then most probably that’s not your passion. It’s just an infatuation with your “what if” thoughts. Your other points of view about the things you like.

You have to go full hearted into this. Find the grind that makes your heart pound or skip a beat. The ease and calm in the chaos of your life. Cos when you work on it, and work hard on it, it’s going to occupy a lot of your time and your attention and love.

Be sure that this is what Sparks Joy in you. The ultimate life passion.

3. Your Passion is Your Purpose

I know some of you are as young as fresh rose buds waiting to bloom and some of you are halfway into your lives and fill like “What else is there? Who am I now ? Am I really content and happy with where I am?”

Now we won’t get into the whole psyche of discontentment with life. That is a whole different subject altogether.

We’re just going to highlight what you already know and what skills and talents you already have.

After you find your passion ;

Now that you’ve found your passion, decide if you’d like to work on it enough to make it into a living or is this just what keeps you going in life and that would be enough for you.

Think of it seriously and be honest with yourself.

You can do three things once you know what your passion is. Work on it hard enough so that it becomes a legit business, work on it enough to earn yourself some side income or live each day looking forward to already honing into its benefits. Either or, time and effort needs to be put in.

If the plan is to make it legit, a standard time frame for slow progress I would say, will take about 5-7 years. Do sit and discuss with a financial planner, a buddy or a relative who’s got experience in business or your partner once you’ve decided.

Do your math and get your finances in check before you chase an unrealistic prospect.

Once you’ve decided, start to build a foundation for that business. Start small and slow then build it up from there. Don’t worry about immediate growth, nothing that lasts long takes a fast track.

It needs to grow slow but steadily. Consistency needs to be a key ingredient here. Some of the greatest businesses are still growing. It’s when you’ve reached a peak in the growth of your business is what you need to worry about.

So sit down and start noting down all the things that make you happy, that Sparks Joy in your life, that you’ve always wanted to do and have not done. The things that if you had a second chance at, you’ll take it now.

If you’re at a fork in the road of a midlife crisis then it’s time you redefine your existence and re-evaluate your life.

Truly have gratitude with what you have and if it doesn’t sit well with you then find that stubborn pea that’s been bothering your sleepless nights. That ache in your head and your heart means something. Cool it with clarity and spice it up with a new endeavor.

Find meaning again. Find love again. Find worth again. Find value in the things you do. Make your daily life fruitful and alive again.

I know some decisions can be tough. Some life changing even, and some major moves affect other people like your families and friends, the best decisions always come with a wave of chaos first, it’ll eventually settle down after that. Trust your gut in what is best for you. Work it out, plan properly and find ways to figure out the hard facts of what you have to face and deal with it head on and keep it going.

Isn’t that what living is all about? To not just exist.

It’s to truly live.

Find your passion. Find your purpose. Your future self might just thank you for it.

Live well. Love truly,


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