4 Things that Music Make You Feel

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Let’s imagine that two great artists, one being the musician who is passionate on how sound can relay emotions ; and another, a master poet in prose and creative writing, came together and decided that two art forms when amalgamated, form beautiful and meaningful work that could make a huge difference in how people communicate.

Then they discovered that when their music is shared with a large group of people, it can influence and create a ripple effect in other people’s lives. It can inspire, help to heal and ignite passion.

Melody and lyrics when combined can convince, comfort and create new beginnings, depending on what lyrics you listen to.

Humans have this innate need to connect, to relate with others and to form ideas and imaginations. That’s the reason why we listen to music in the first place because it makes us feel good, feel inspired, feel comforted, feel like someone else knows what we’re going through.

Knowing that another human out there went through the same experience as you, let’s you know that you’re not alone in this.

Did you ever realize why the same song you listened to a year ago had no meaning till you heard it again with a broken heart?

How about the time when you were lazy and unmotivated and a great inspirational song meant nothing till the time you had to step up and get your shit together.

Suddenly the music does something magical. It influenced you to feel better about yourself, to feel that urge to accomplish.

There are of course music that brings you down and let’s you indulge in negativity.

These are just expressions of the artists and in no way should you allow negative or poisonous thoughts to live inside your head. You can relate to sad love songs but don’t drown in its sorrow till you lose yourself.

For people who listen to the lyrics, many a fantastical things can happen.

1. Motivation Moment

You need that Drake song to keep you on your toes in the gym in order to achieve your goal. You have a sudden desire to do better and get on track to losing that holiday weight or making changes in your life. That 20 minutes you set side to a good habit, a chore or routine, seems smoother and less taxing with a good tune on. Music helps you get through a tough mundane day.

2. Creative Ignition

If you’re a content creator and require a consistent stretch of new ideas, you’ll find yourself looking through a playlist that could influence your emotions to allow your creative juices to flow.

The madness of not producing new material or great work can affect your bread and butter if this is what you do for a living.

We sometimes need that little push to make us feel deeply in our work.

3. Comforting sounds

You need to pull yourself together after roaring out in dismay for the love that you’ve lost. Or maybe you’re grieving for a loved one. Songs that make you feel intensely in remembering that love or that will lift you up in the time of need, is crucial in your healing process.

These kinds of music can comfort you with a box of tissues by your side and a hot cup of vanilla milk.

4. Touch of Therapy

Once in a while, sleep leaves us and we are often stressed with the day to day going-ons that we forget to rest, relax and reflect. Motivational and meditative music, sounds of nature and instrumentals can assist with calming our vibrations down and bringing us back to basics in breathing and pulse rate.

I personally love Indonesian gamelan music when I’m having a massage. It makes me slip into the abyss of slumber with nothing on my mind. It’s just brilliant.

So let us know what are your favorites and what you’ve recently been listening to. Do also share all time favorites and that one or two songs that bring back a nostalgia whenever you listen to it.

Live well. Love deeply.

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