How to Kick it Like Keanu

So what do we know about Keanu ?

Canadian. Hollywood icon. Obsessed with bikes. Philanthropist and many more titles to add on top of that.

The human civilization has been trying to figure out the secret to his eternal youth since the early 2000’s. Where many memes have been created in response to his bizarre ageless outlook.

Not that we know anything deeper about him than what the media already knows. But here’s our attempt to shed some light on the life of this living vampire.

⁃ Matters of the Heart

An Anglo Irish Chinese- Hawaiian by descent, Keanu’s childhood was flipped upside down at age 3. His father was pushing heroin in Hawaii and got jail time for the crime. His father abandoned them and his parents eventually divorced.

Growing up, he had 3 other “father figures”. Relating to his mother’s fourth husband, that marriage ended in 1994.

He was seen as a rebel with a sharp tongue in high school and was expelled from the School of the Arts he was attending at the time.

In 1999, his then girlfriend Jennifer Syme gave birth to Ava Archer Syme- Reeves, who was a stillborn. They eventually broke up due to the tension of the loss, a few weeks later.

To add salt to the wound, in 2001, Syme was involved in a fatal car accident during the filming of the Matrix sequels and Reeves realized that he needed to take that little time away to be with his thoughts.

Tragedy after tragedy hit Keanu and no one’s heard of him being with anyone else after all the trauma he faced.

He seemed personally recluse at some points but at the end, his experiences permanently changed his perspectives in life.

This, could be the reason why he seems ageless and youthful. He has seen enough in his lifetime and decided to live a life as such, presently.

1. It’s Mind over Matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.

Though he’s had some harsh encounters with the paparazzi (which usually is a one off thing), Keanu maintains a very low key and cool approach to all the noise of the media around him. Seen as the nice guy that stops and smiles for the photographers and fans. He does show he cares because they care and it’s only polite to reciprocate the love and attention.

So he doesn’t sweat it. Even when the Sad Keanu meme came out and a fan created a mini figurine to sell on eBay, he was only amused and entertained at how people misjudge him. He hardly takes anything to heart because he views life as too short to be angry all the time. The stresses of life are the things that are truly major and everything else is but a whisper of tension that is managed calmly and peacefully.

2. Be like Water My Friend

Having been trained in a few martial arts disciplines, Keanu manages everything with a good head on and a steady heart. He puts his energy where it belongs and releases all negativity that does him no good. His attention and focus to his work and other more important things is the very engine that pushes him forward and keeps him going.

He goes with the flow when faced with a “hard question” and thinks before he speaks. This careful take on what he puts out about serious matters, portrays a very well put together and thoughtful person.

He summarizes and shortens his sentences to make good sense of his point of view, clearly stating his intentions and precise thoughts. This avoids misunderstandings and misquotes by other people.

3. Why so serious? The Joker said.

A goof ball by nature, everyone who knows him, knows that Keanu is the clown of the class.

Seen as the prankster and young at heart, Keanu loves to play. His jester traits are the very thing that make people magnetized to his personality. He’s usually laughing and pulling your socks off, the very chance he gets.

Life is too short to be upset with little things. Nothing personal is taken to heart. He’ll release it back out if it’s not for him and then he moves on with life.

Laughter indeed is the best medicine when facing judgement and personal attacks. Don’t take it personally, what others think about you is none of your business.


4. Good Vibrations

Though it might seem like he came from an unstable background, Keanu has experienced the hard knocks of life enough to stabilize his adulthood.

He turned out awesomely well from what he had to go through as a child growing up.

We assume that he maintains this calm and cool persona because of some spiritual practices.

For one, he seems closely related to the teachings of Buddhism, but never did he claim that he was a Buddhist or any other religion for that matter.

All he follows is a good steady vibration of calm, contentedness and a life full of intention and awareness of Being.

I guess keeping in zen state is a constant practice that takes years to master. Yet, we seem so sure he has reached that level of “Enlightenment”.

5. Low Profile

Just like a modified car, you keep it low with just a splash of style. Keanu is down to earth in all aspects of being humble and generous.

He lives a fairly simple minimal life, contributes as much as he can, whenever and wherever possible and he ensures credit goes to the unsung heroes of the industry.

He stays out of the limelight by disengaging with drama. He strengthens his social circle by building close rapport with the backhands of Hollywood and regular people who share similar interests like him.

This is his Tribe. These are his people.

He keeps it simple. He keeps it sincere and intentional. He lives his days working hard for his passion for the arts, he tunes out non important issues, he’s always seen to be the best that he can be but also as transparent as he can be with his opinions. He crafts his words to avoid misinterpretations and he is mindful of what he projects to the World.

Keanu loves being simply Keanu and he thrives living this life of his own Truth.

As far as we know, Keanu’s been riding that cool wave of excellence pretty smoothly.

So we’ve learned a lot from this little summary of how-to’s and accomplishments.

Managing your emotions, self control and always keeping your engines (mind and body ) oiled and moving, might just be the key to simplifying your life.

Have a great weekend.


*information is as per collated on date it was researched

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