How to manage yourself when life gets too much

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I remember a time when life was much simpler.

A time for most people in that matter, is the time during the stage of their growing up.

My most earliest memory that I could recall about “a simpler time” , was between the ages of 6-9 yrs old.

My grandparent’s house. The place where I grew up and developed most of my adult skills.

It was a calm and quiet Saturday morning and Atuk would always walk to the market to bring me home some real good breakfast. He would know my favorites and this, he used as bait to wake me up from my long and stubborn slumber. “Good morning, Atuk bawak balik sarapan ni.” (Good morning, Grandpa’s brought back some breakfast now.)

He’d switch on the TV set to the morning toons. I remember watching a series of programs like “The Gummie Bears” and “My little Pony”.

Recalling that memory, brings me back to a calmer state when I am facing overwhelm-ness of the present. I go back to this memory and other sorts of memories that brings me happiness and calm every so often. When things seems too much around me, or when I’m about to dive deep into a negative emotion. I immediately return to these memories to balance and manage my emotional state of mind.

Though this has worked for me (and I am not a professional) , this mental practice doesn’t necessarily work for everyone . And for some people, this method could cause a dopamine addiction to the feel good factor of what these memories can provide. This can subconsciously disengage a true root cause of a problem you might have and instead of solving an issue, it may result in you using this method as a permanent crutch while surviving a current misery or life dissatisfaction.

So before this practice, I need you to be sure of yourself. You are a person who is confident and who loves and respects yourself. You are a balanced and thinking adult and you understand that all life processes and phases are merely lessons to groom your Self in order to improve your state of mind, health and quality of life.

Let’s begin.

Changing your Mind State when facing Overwhelm:

Find a memory in your nostalgic past that you associate to Calmness and Simplicity. Read the instructions below, over and over till you can run this program with your eyes closed.

1. Prepare yourself by finding a quite place where no one can interrupt this memory recall process. If you have a short power nap time during your day is the best time to practice this. A private space in your office, a spot where no one goes to, a bunker or lounge area will do too.

2. Recollect the place (location), the time of the day or night. Is this memory in color or black and white? Do you hear any sounds that associate with this place ? What emotions can you describe when recalling this? You may write these down first, to set up your frame.

3. Before you close your eyes, breathe in deep and exhale long. Once.

4. Breathe in and exhale long before you launch into this memory and when you close your eyes, you will count down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and the image will emerge.

5. You are now there.

6. Take as long as you want. Stay there till you get to the place of an emotional state that is Calm Mode. This calmness came from a moment in this memory that describes “A Simpler Time” in your life.

7. You are now in calm state. You are in control. You are happy. You are in simpler times. Everything is manageable. Life is simple. You understand yourself very well, you love everything that is happening around you. It is all easy. It is simple to manage and comprehend.

8. When you open your eyes, your mind state remains calm. You are in simpler times. You can manage everything and you are in control.

Use this practice (with the advise before this) with care and understanding. If you are unsure or skeptic, it is not for you. If you have a deeper trauma or issue that you are facing, do seek professional counsel and therapy.

May you find solace in this complicated World.

Keep calm, work it out.


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