Part 1- Guide to Conquering 2020

Let’s check in with our 2019 Self first. Go through these questions and answer it with all honesty. Be true to what you know is true. Be critical and allow yourself to face the truth and the fears in all its glory.

Are you emotionally stable ?

Are you financially on the way to earning more?

Did you make any enemies this year ?

Have you made better friends?

Is your relationship a mature, loving, supportive and an understanding one?

Do you keep good rapport with your blood family and/or urban family ?

Did you reunite with good old connections?

Did you contribute to anyone’s life?

Did you upgrade yourself ?

Do you trust and love your Tribe ?

What adventures did you have ?

Any great new acquaintances you’ve made?

Is your life going upwards or downwards?

Has it been stagnant or non productive?

Does your ego rule your life ?

Have you hurt anyone and have yet to seek forgiveness or make right with them ?

There are practically a dozen more questions that you should be asking yourself, and through these Q & As you’ll be able to gauge your Life Progression.

Your Life Progression is a chart that either flows upwards like a good investment , spirals downward like a bad mistake or plateaus like a three thousand year old rock formation.

If your progress chart goes up then well done for you mate, pat yourself on the back and keep hustling on. If not, there’s always a framework of success you can fall back on. Here are the first 5 ways to get you through this.

The Guide to Conquer 2020

To begin with,

1. Develop a good mental state of mind and manage your emotions.

Basically, don’t over react towards things that shouldn’t affect you. If something or someone “appalls” you then delete them from your life. Why stay and watch, why subscribe and tune in? Practice practice and practice managing the anger, the pain and the hurt. Keep your focus on things that are more important, more valuable, more critical. Patience is really a virtue on this one.

2.Your Tribe is Important

Stick to positive people and keep close to people who talk about life and improvement. Those who are hard workers and not lazy mediocre minded people who’s only conversations are the ones that lead you to endless hours of gossip, ridiculing each other and non progress.

We don’t want to stay with a negative pool of sad and angry people who only complains about every single thing in their life.

Build a good team of positive friends. Get out and know more people from other walks of life. Networking with other humans is very important. Some of my closest friends today are my most randomest connections. You’ll be surprised who you’ll meet.

3.Educate Yourself and Emancipate Yourself

Freedom is having knowledge that’s valuable enough to make you change to be a better person and improve your life. If you can apply what you learn or know, that’s a given bonus. Invest in yourself and free yourself.

What if you went out to learn about how to manage your finances and investments?

What if someone taught you how to earn extra on the side ?

Teach you something that only successful people know about.

Wouldn’t that take you to places you’d never imagined ?

Learn as much as you can and mentor others too. Success doesn’t mean you’re rich with money, it’s holistic. All-in full circle of every aspect of human life.

4. Do not fear Failure and Rejection

Fear is the very thing that stops us from doing what we need to do. The dream killer and the thing that poisons our goals and aspirations.

Do not fear to fail. Don’t fear not getting accepted, or being rejected by someone or something. Live fully inspired by this stepping stone cos that’s all that failure is. It’s a stepping stone. Of course we don’t look forward to fail or work towards that outcome. All we’re saying is that allow yourself to face your fears head-on and fierce-fully head on, I might add. Be steady, hang on tight, dive in deep and catch that glint in the far side of the Moon.

It’s definitely worth it.

5.Build strong relations

Don’t make enemies, don’t burn bridges with anyone cos you never know when these people will be the ones who will help you out in the future. Honestly, you’ll never know.

I’ve never consciously made any enemies but according to the accounts of what I’ve witnessed about others, when people hate and curse others, the ones that they hate and curse are always the ones that they run to for help. It’s quite funny and ironic.

So build good relations with everyone. The ones that have mental issues about how they perceive you, we can’t help, but we can do our best to not get on anyone’s dark side.

Always put out good energy and you will receive goodness from the nature of the Universe. I ain’t even tripping.

It’s all about the energy, y’all. How you make other people feel when you’re around them is important.

Make them feel important, loved and cared for.

These 5 ways are just are a warm up to your first few weeks into 2020.

Do this first and keep yourself open for more Guides to the Universe!

Stay ready. Be steady.


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