Free Will is a Reality Check

He plans the path of our Life to the nanosecond.

A friend once asked, “What’s the use of living if He determine all and we are like puppets on a stage, what’s the meaning of Free Will then?”

If all we did has been written ahead..why does it even exist ?

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Humans had forgotten that free will was gifted to us. We have the privilege of the grand opportunity to carve and craft our life.

We write what happens to us due to the decisions we make. Even the Angels did not have such privilege.

God is outside of our frame of time and place. He is in future, past and present.

Outside of our understanding of the Universe. It is beyond the complexity of the laws of physics or scientific anomalies.

Time for Him can be still, be at lightning speed, rewind in retrospect or Time doesn’t even have to exist.

It is beyond the human capacity to understand the concept of what He is capable.

It is interstellar and complex enough to supersede the presence of logic, based on what we “recognize and understand as” logic.

Our course of Life is determined by what we chose to do at that point in time and everytime we decide, the results change again and again. Our book writes and rewrites itself every time we choose.

The mathematical possibilities is endless based on the amount of impact our decisions have on us.

Every time YOU decide, He molds the results to what is determined and the pages ahead in YOUR book change, based on what you have chosen, time and time again.

Just like why certain people are put in our paths. Or why certain major events had to happen. Because of the choices we made.

We have to learn how to decipher what it meant.

There are two things we do not have Free Will for.

Our Birth and our Death.

Whatever your position, however happy or miserable, in this waking Life or in the meeting of Death….we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

The exact time and place.



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