Part 2- Guide to Conquering 2020

If you’ve started on Part 1 of our Guide then well done, good on you for keeping up. The first part was the crucial warm up that you need, to get the ball rolling.

What good is a compass if you don’t know where you’re really going, right ?

Let’s begin this round with a ménage trois that will keep you coming for more.

Reading time : 7m 16s

1. Love Yourself First

You’d think we would’ve started Part 1 with this mega block but No. You had to be clear on what you needed to get out and over with before we really go deep.

Many of us try to be heroes for everyone and to a certain extent, we actually do. And on a daily basis. Whether you’re the only friend that cares enough to organize a gathering for your friends, a parent with a growing family or the only one between the two of you that’s the most responsible in taking care of everything. We’ve all been there. It’s lonely sometimes.

So how about you? Are you the hero of your own life? Instead of putting 100% on others, why not put 100% on You and then watch the magic happen once you’re all set up for success.

Studies have shown that the more you’re capable of accomplishing your own dreams, wants and needs, the happier and more content you get to be living a fulfilling purposeful life. And a fun one too!

For eons, mankind have been reading this the wrong way. It has to work the other way round. You have to be taken cared for first, then the needs of others. Not taking care or love others first before ourselves.

And yes, even if you have 5 kids, a wife, a live-in mother and a full time job. Let’s not make them the reason for our dissatisfaction.

Loving yourself solves so much internal issues, you don’t even know the gist of it.

Your insecurities will almost diminish, you attract better types of people and more successful people too, into your life. Your views change, your self worth will change and the level of respect for yourself will naturally morph into something empowering and admirable. Your circle of friends will feel this level of respect and will begin to respect you if they never did. Your finances will change, your perspectives will change too. This thriving energy vibe can even be felt by strangers.

Energy is contagious.

2. Discipline

It takes 40 days to create, practice and stay in a habit. If you’ve never been the sort that’s got your life sorted out, then it’s about time you do.

You don’t have to know everything, you don’t need to be an expert at whatever or even punish yourself with stuff that you don’t like doing.

Discipline basically creates a very strong foundation for everything else in your life.

What are some ideas of discipline.

1. Morning Routines (find out about the best morning routines)

2. Practicing a skill (anything that you’d like to be good at)

3. Getting rid of a bad habit (quitting smoking)

4. Being organized (a clean and neat home and room creates a better lifestyle naturally)

5. Being accountable for your mistakes and for anything that you’re in charge of. ( being responsible always)

6. Being punctual. (If you’ve always been a late comer or have that can’t be bothered attitude, you’d better improve in this area)

7. Save more than you spend. Your finances will double or triple if you bear in mind on what you spend on.

Not to get too much into detail, these are just some simple examples that you can find out on YouTube and Uncle Google.

Explore books or things on the internet that can assist you with changing into a more disciplined and responsible You. Hang out and get advice from friends you know who are disciplined. It will alter your life for the better and you’ll see and feel immediate change.

3. Gratitude

Being truly grateful is not as easy as it sounds like. Maybe you’ve thought about it. Maybe it’s something you sometimes ponder about. But have you really gave it a serious deep thought?

In prayer, there’s a difference between just asking for things from God and truly going deep into every single aspect in your life that has been blessed by the Al-Mighty.

How would we then know if we are truly grateful when we spare a moment thinking about it ? What’s the difference?

A prayer, a meditation or a deep thought/contemplation about our life comes from within.

Some of us aren’t the dramatic sort. We might seem like we have the heart of stone. We don’t react, we don’t acknowledge other people’s feelings and we don’t portray emotions at every single sad love song or tragedy.

But when we are quiet, when we are still and observe ourselves, and we imagine the higher being in our presence, we can enter a different level of mindful thinking. It will invoke a deep sense of worth and awakening.

When we are deep in the thought of gratitude, we are touched from within. We would kneel, and that could trigger us to tear, to seek for forgiveness for sins you’ve never thought to ask for. Your skin reacts with goosebumps. Some of us might begin to cry out loud. Sometimes we might even flashback into the past. Looking at ourselves as an infant and growing up. Then we see ourselves in an adolescent age and then a young adult, becoming a good son or daugther, then as a lover to our spouse and a good best friend , then as a mother or father to your precious children and then it brings you to this very moment.

This moment where you’re praying.

In this moment where you are kneeling and in a quiet peaceful place. Where you feel almost alone and abandoned but you know for certain that you’re not. You recognize the brilliance of being alive and you pay attention to the palms of your hands in motion to ask for forgiveness, as you look up and be absolutely vulnerable.

Then you notice your breathing and the welling up of your eyes. Then you wipe those tears and you surrender to the moment.

When you are deep in the thought of truly being grateful for who you are, for your life, for the things you had to go through, for the gifts and blessings and for all the experiences that taught you lessons after lessons after lessons, and for all the hell bound trauma that gave you a better judgement of people and their intentions and for all those heaven sent human beings that became your guides and teachers. When you kneel, I mean truly kneel and be quiet and be there, still, and certain and solid, you will feel it.

It feels like an eruption of endorphins and cortisol. It’s a mixture cocktail of everything good and bad. You then realize, this is the difference between being just thankful and truly feeling gratitude.

When you’ve come to this point, you see your past years as stepping stones and you flashback to what got you here to this place. To where you are today.

And no matter how bad the situation is at this moment, you know you’ve done pretty great for someone so young or someone who thought that there’s nothing more to learn at the sunset of your time. You’re humbled by this moment.

This gratitude you feel, will only push you to go further than today. This sense of spiritual growth and enlightenment that has touched you, will urge you to move forward and do better and do more.

This mind set is what you need to prep your attitude, your thought process and your point of perception.

With a grateful heart, your mind will see positive opportunities, your attitude pushes away negativity because that prevents growth. Your thought process will change because your point of views and how you perceive and read things will start to change and work for the better for you and not against you.

Surrender to being truly grateful.

There are many amazing things and extreme experiences that happen to us.

In order for us to prepare for them, our Self have to be molded and groomed to knowing how to handle these life situations.

Form new habits, be better than you were yesterday , make better decisions, take a leap of faith, always brace for impact, take very good care of your mind, heart and soul first. Be disciplined, this will result to many types of success. Prepare and conquer 2020 like the real boss you truly are.

Your very own Hero.

Love and light,


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