Don’t Party with their Perception

“Other people’s perception of you ain’t none of your business.” says Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker, author and CEO of “Motivating the Masses”.

Reading time: 2m 25s

Trust in your intentions when your intentions are good, and let other people deal with what they can’t accept.

It truly is that simple. If you’re able to master this bliss, your life will be spent more on time moving forward then things that pull you back.

In my younger years, I used to be a cranky and ultra sensitive 21yr old. Taking things so personally and harboring all this negative energy for weeks on end.

It’s exhausting, it’s non productive and I gain no benefit from rotting in my own poison of an icky state of mind and body. Instead of being angry towards people who are illogical and clearly have a bad intention towards you, love yourself more and understand that their immaturity, non responsive nature and unacceptable behavior must not turn you. Do not turn into the monster they expect you to be, infected by their loose lips and thoughtless minds.

Do not allow yourself to be blown over by their slander and misled. Don’t get sucked into the void. It’s a deep dark hole of an abomination and some get lost in this abyss and get scarred for life. It can affect everything around you and even the way you view things. So don’t.

You are better than this, stay above the drama and manage yourself.

How other people perceive you is really none of your business. Only people who know you, who have seen you grow and change and people who love you unconditionally is able to see you in all your good, bad and growth and still acknowledge and care for you.

Your mindset has got to be above the bullshit. Walk away and ignore negative minds.

Keep it simple.


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