2020 – The next Era

This is it. In less than 4hrs we are officially in the era of 2020.

What’s so important about this year then ? Isn’t it just the same? Like any other New Year, same old habits, underachieved goals pushed on to the next, self denial and procrastination at its best and a vicious cycle of an over promising dream, based on unrealistic settings?

Well, it’s a special year. It acts as a marker to humanity reaching the era of self- sufficiency, improving technologies and a new generation that will hopefully evolve from past mistakes and ruins.

The future is bright. Having more people who are health and environmentally conscious, the Earth seems like it has a really good chance of survival. So does the evolution of human beings. We will lead longer lives than our predecessors and our genetic make up will change too. Just imagine being 70 and still young and active. That’s the future.

This is the era where we could possibly see flying cars, self-adjustable Nikes made affordable to the masses, solar panels on every home and green rooftops that can sustain the food intake of the whole estate.

Maybe people will be more waste conscious too. Eating only what they need and not create wastage from uneaten food. Buying more than you need will be a thing of the past. Shopping will be more down to earth and sustainable. Homes will be built with space intentions, weddings will not cost $50k cos young people in the future will use that money for their home and their honeymoon.

Who knows, by the time 2030 hits, we might be able to miniaturize like that movie “Downsizing”. You really never know.

Anything is possible and with you as one of the creators of this envisioned future, I bid 2019 farewell and on to the next generation !

We’re so looking forward to it.

Be well. Live better !

-from the Simplelife Team

Much love xoxo

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