Doing Good even after Getting Hurt

Who did we become after the storm?

If we did not come out better than what we began with, then we must sit and reflect some more even if it took us years to overcome this misled.

We must tell ourselves, I want to be better for the good of myself or Mankind and because it is right.

The seeds that we grow in our hearts, the things that we speak about, the things we try to influence our friends and our families ….MUST always be in good faith. Not to lead them astray.

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Do not spread hatred or ill intentions or cause jealousy amongst companions, for if you do, it will return to you more than what you sow and then you must prepare for it.


Do not harm others with the intention of hurting. It is always to defend.

Defend what you must, in a respectful manner even in the eyes of your enemy.

Speak to them patiently first, with the intent to find a resolve not to dissolve their egos.

Nor destroy their reputation EVEN if that was their initial intention towards you.

Defend what you must in an honorable way until you have to take arms. And then the weapon is, the word of their ugly Truth.

Then you are allowed to be BOLD, then you can RAISE your voices when all peaceful ways have fallen on deaf ears.

This is to kill the arrogance in their Hearts.

It will return to you one way or another, ten folds by a million.

That is why, you must always do your best, to do …



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