4 Small Ways to Ease the Mind At Work

We often neglect ourselves. We work real hard, day in and day out but we never know how to create that harmony in our life.

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Even “Movers of Nations” need to find some time aside to breathe in cleaner air . Reconnect with nature and family or just to sit quietly and acknowledge your Self.

Appreciate life and the universe , the little things, sunsets , a baby’s laugh, watching a movie that you randomly picked .

Pause, take a moment , then continue with a fresh new step .

1) Get a money plant (a small bit of greenery at your desk will do your eyes some good on a long stretched out day) it keeps you calm and relaxed. Money plants are so low maintenance, you’ll love them.

2) Hydrate and keep hydrating throughout the day . Get a drinking bottle here. Replenishing yourself often can clear your mind and your body of toxins. Daily flushing out of all these toxins does your body a lot of good.

3) Eat more brain foods (oily fish –like Salmon, sardines and mackerel , broccoli improves brain activity , eat black currants and blueberries).

All these might help you boost your brainpower at your workplace and when managing your hectic life. Buy a small container and start snacking on healthier stuff.

4) Distribute workload .

Reflect and review where you stand in the work place , be clear on your roles and responsibilities.

Discuss with your seniors or peers if there’s any possibility to delegate some work so as to promote productivity.

Explain to the management that though you are able to multi task, there are certain subjects that require more attention, and focused attention will only obtain the best results for the task.

If they trust you to delegate , assure them on your leadership. If you have no authority to delegate, make sure you pitch a valid reason for wanting to distribute the work load .

When a job becomes a drag and chore , there’s no room left for joy. So you need to know when the pushing gets too tough. Find that time to distribute workload.

I know for a lot of teachers and some project managers, workload is a tough one to delegate. Especially if you’re being put in charge. But I’m sure with some skills of persuasion and building more rapport with everyone, it might just garner you supporters that could help you out.

Life has to be lived through with some form of grace and purpose.

If you feel your purpose has been abused or disregarded , then maybe create a timeline of goals that include “job hunting” for a career that your talents are best suited for .

It’s never too late to change your mind and explore other industries.

It boils down to you and the next guy who wants it more.

So take some time to ease your mind. Be kind to your self. Allow your senses to take in information and organize work at a good pace.

After all, we don’t live to work, we work to live. So might as well find work that makes you happy.

Don’t you think ?


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