4 Simple Ways to Stop Entertaining Toxic People

Do you have a friend, family member or just a colleague who has this absurd need to complain, make your life miserable and constantly spew a string of unnecessary comments and negative opinions on you ?

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I’m sure we’ve all had a fair share of this amount of drama from at least one person we know, that thrives when they see agony. They love to drive hatred into everybody’s hearts and cause an energy pollution to the environment and kill whatever good vibing ambience there is.

We need to stop making excuses for why we’re still hanging out with or surround ourselves with such negative impressions on the day to day or even on occasions.

1. Just listen, agree and smile

Don’t input anything. Do not contribute to this conversation in a way that will put you in a spot. It’s a trap and you know it.

Just listen, agree and smile.

It will just pass through after some time. Practice your mindfulness when dealing with toxic people.

2. Walk away without being noticed

Toxic people love attention. So don’t give it to them.

Create a reason, be busy, cut in mid sentence and say ” I’m so sorry to interrupt but I need to get back to something, we’ll continue this later” but of course , you never do. Haha.

Just create a reason to excuse yourself from that vicinity and move to greener, healthier more positive pastures.

3. Don’t react immediately

Here is where it’s a little tricky. Especially if you’re so used to expressing yourself quite instantaneously. With toxic people, you don’t.

Don’t feed this vanity of a self serving endeavor. They thrive even more if you react.

You maintain a calm and aloof persona. Just listening attentively and don’t make any faces.

They want you to embrace their over the top dramatic woes and cries for help and then fault you for giving them feedback.

For no reason. Yes, it’s like a disease of the mind. There’s something really dark lingering inside of them that must’ve been traumatic or that the way they were brought up just wasn’t your regular “Raising kids right for Dummies” kind of issue.

Don’t take the bait if they ask you for your opinion. Just be subtle and as vague as possible.

4. Ignore ignore ignore

When they’re letting you know about how they’re a rebel of the World by attacking you with thoughtless remarks and opinions and that everything sucks big time in their life or someone else’s , just IGNORE.

Yes, ignorance is a bliss at times and this is when it is.

Look at them straight in the eye when they’re throwing their endless tantrums and then walk away.

Remove yourself from the premises and go get a soda and chill.

Breathe deeply in and release. Do this 3-5 times if need be. You’ll soon calm down and your anger will subside.

If you’re still affected, get someone to distract you. Ask them to tell you a joke or something else to discuss on so you can shift your focus.

Keep your heart rate at a calm level. The Toxics (people who are negative) are there to lessen the years in their life not yours. So don’t allow them to depreciate your lifespan.

Keep it simple. Life doesn’t have to be that complicated. Find a solution and execute the resolve for a happier more simpler lifestyle.


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