How to Take a Moment

Whether you’re at work in an office or a digital nomad, that feeling of overwhelm comes and goes and you don’t necessarily know how to take a breather whilst a lot is going on. You’re in the chaos as we speak.

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Here’s how to take a moment :

1. Take a deep breath

Wherever you are, don’t be shy. Put down whatever you’re doing, take a rest. Look around you. Capture what you’re seeing. People talking, things are being discussed. Someone eating a sandwich at their desk. Maybe you’re at home and now you have the whole house to yourself.

So breathe. Inhale deeply now. You can do this exercise practically anywhere. Exhale out slowly. Do this three times. Then do another cycle of three deep breaths, this time close your eyes. Do your best to drown out the noise. Many things are going on, all the sounds and activities. It’s a lot. Drown them out.

2. Take off your shoes

Of course we meant for you to be in an environment where you can do this. Like if you’re at the beach or in the office and your desk is fairly secluded or that your feet can’t be seen. Take off your shoes and just feel the ground (if you’re outdoors in nature). If you’re at the pool or near water, then place your feet in water.

If you’re at home, use your carpet. If you’re in a classroom and there’s no way you could do that then don’t. We wouldn’t want you to attract the wrong attention now.

Unless you’re in an auditorium and you can get away with it, like what I always do during lectures.

The point is to place your feet close to the ground. To take in the energy of the texture, space or preferably earth.

This is called Grounding or Earthing.

The Earth acts as a natural healing conductor. The Earth’s energy is organic and ever ready. It helps give us free electrons, it reduces stress, anxiety and harmonizes your body’s internal.

If there’s a park or garden with some grass near where you work, go there. Take a break. Feel the ground. Take off your socks. Again, don’t be afraid. Nobody cares. Honest.

Take in all the goodness of the earth’s energy. If you aren’t able to do this then, when you take off your shoes, just stretch out. Stretch those toes. Put your legs out. Stretch. How often we take stretching for granted. So do it. It’ll do you lots of good. Your muscles will thank you for it.

3. Drink herb infused water and display it at your desk

Head on down to and you’ll find clear glass bottles that will just help you with this task. Their instagram account BAE Bottles has tons of recipes you can follow. It’s easy , it’ll hydrate you and there’s so much to learn from infused water. Displaying your glass bottle will not only make your desk look pretty but it’ll encourage you to drink more liquids and to take a break. Drink up and do your internals a favor.

4. Get a squeeze ball

Do you find yourself easily agitated or frustrated at some really silly questions that has been posed to you ? Or is it a little bit tough to cope with all the work load? Naturally, I’d recommend screaming into a pillow as it’s truly cathartic but you don’t have the luxury to if you’re in public.

So get a squeeze ball. And squeeze the hell out of it haha. Get two why don’t you.

It’s not going to make the problem go away but it will help you feel less like breaking someone’s neck. Stop, drop and squeeze. Good luck.

5. Look far

I know it doesn’t sound like much but we have such close encounters with everything we’re facing. The monitor screens of our computers, our phones, the faces of our colleagues, books, charts, children, our bosses and more. So stop what you’re doing. Ease your eyes. Look ahead, look afar. If you can catch something green in the horizon then do it. How about that sunset horizon right outside. The city skyline should take your breath away if you’ve not been paying good attention to it.

Look far towards greenery or shrubs even. Even if you have a fish tank in the office or some sort of water source you could look at. Maybe there’s a wall with some art work on it, look at that. Is there an open window or are you facing another building in the distance? Are you situated on the 23rd floor , that you have an awesome view ? Or are you grounded and you see people walking by, back and forth , back and forth? Look beyond them. Look at what’s in the background. Your eyes need to rest. After this, close them for 20 seconds. Then open up your eyes and feel slightly refreshed.

These are just some things that’s worked for us and we hope it could help you take a moment when you need to.

Simplify your life by easing your day-to -day. Calm the vibrations so you can get back on track to giving the best you can in your performance and concentration.

Remember, after an hour of work or staring at the screen , take a moment.

Breathe, take off your shoes, drink nutritious water, squeeze your stress away and look far.

Hope this helps.



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