How 5 Famous People Say No!


Is it truly a dirty word?

A task that seems so daunting for people pleasers that you just can’t seem to escape the dying need to fulfill dreams and requests that are beyond your capacity.

Are you a do-gooder Yes man or a people pleaser Princess that everyone takes you for granted every so often ?

Do you always say yes even if you don’t have to or don’t even want to ? Are you stuck to find ways out of something ?

Here’s something for you to learn and level up. Stop them in their tracks and start saying no. We’re about to let you in on the many ways that these famous people say No!

Say it like Oprah !

Image: Beth Macdonald

We all know that Oprah’s the Queen of charity-giving cos she’s the most philanthropic lady we know on tv (besides Ellen) but even Oprah has to say no to some organizations, institutions and charities who approach her.

She believes that commitment and passion needs to be focused and directed to where our energy can be the most beneficial and useful.

Being such an incredible lady of Heart, even Oprah knows that she can’t please every single person that she meets. She can’t possibly say yes to all of these organizations as much as she’d like to. And she has to be ok with it.

Maybe she doesn’t intend to disappoint but a one woman hero can only be divided into so many ways she’s able to manage. Any person would be worn out and mentally exhausted if you take on the World without thinking of your own beliefs and priorities. It’s ok to say No you guys. It’s only practical.

Peace it like Ebit Lew

Image : Ebit Lew official Instagram

I know most of you in the solely English-speaking World don’t know him but in the Malay peninsula, he’s quite the well known author and teacher of Faith.

He is a master of mediating issues exceptionally when it comes to the most stickiest of topics in the religion of Islam.

He as well is an advocate for peace and harmony amongst all people of the World and he too says no.

When met with a difficult and uncomfortable issue that requires his attention and support, that he knows would go against his beliefs, he is an artist at letting people down slowly, kindly and lovingly.

An earnest and simple man, Ebit Lew would not disappoint you even when he has to say no.

Master it like Mel Robbins


If you’ve been following host, author and motivational speaker, Melanie Robbins, you probably have read her book “The 5 Second Rule”.

Known for her directness and no bullshit mentality, this former criminal defense attorney gives 5 simple responses you can use to disguise a no.

In her December 2019 episode on The Mel Robbins Show, she shared how simple it can be, to say no.

Begin your statement with these (examples below) and then extend the end of the sentence with the true reason of why you have to say no.

1. I can’t commit to this …

2. I’d love to but …

3. Let me think about it …

4. I’m not the right person …

5. Now’s not a good time …

Hiss like Matthew Hussey


Saying no will make you a better person, says Hussey in his 2015 radio show.

Credibility is key, the Love Guru points out. Known for his dashing good looks and on point sure ways on How to get a Guy, he says that when you say No, people will value you, respect you, take you seriously and learn that they can trust you.

This portrays a person that doesn’t overpromise and someone who is realistic.

People recognize that you aren’t just someone who says yes to everything and that you can’t be easily pushed around.

Do it like D’Avella

Image: Matt D’Avella

Saying no can be uncomfortable, says Matt D’Avella.

This minimalist Youtuber and podcaster spends tireless hours researching on topics and editing his content till the message comes through clearly.

You have to remember the commitments that you’ve made, says Matt. Prioritize and prioritize !

Figure out what’s truly important and be real on what you can take on.

Be honest and upfront. People will understand. So don’t feel pressured. Set rules for yourself and though you can allow opportunities, let the rule be your set in stone.

Matt says No in creative ways through his videos. Let’s face it, it’s hard when top Youtubers are trying to get your attention to collaborate and you just can’t commit to each and every request due to your own commitments.

So though he can’t participate in the actual activity in a collaboration, he makes sure that he spreads the word through his vlogs and videos on his channel so as not to totally disappoint his peers.

He uses his online time to spread awareness. It’s quite a win win situation if you think about it.

The Take-away:

We’ve learned a thing or two on how to be firm in your beliefs, lovingly letting people down, disguising a No, respecting yourself first and providing a fair and creative alternative by supporting from afar.

Image: Tirachard Kumtanom

It’s all about boundaries and commitment.

There’s no harm in saying no. People will eventually know how to manage you and what to expect from you.

It all boils down to what you have to put your foot down on.

So go ahead, say no. You’ll discover a new form of freedom.



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