Taking Care of the Simple Home

Whether you’re a home owner, parent or the forever singleton, your home has to be the place of solace you return to and the cosy escape from a hard day’s work.

Many of us, single or married, always neglect the home when things get a bit rough. We become lazy to keep it clean and pristine and we allow chaos to live with us whenever it can.

So how do we make use of our homes ?

Let’s give it a proper look and see whether you have done it proud or disappoint.

Divide and Conquer?

Division is already set in any one home. But do we really know the use of each space and has it been designated for its purpose ?

image: Paige Cody

1. The Living Room

The word says it all , it is to be lived in.

It’s where the life of the house starts and sometimes also ends (on the couch fast asleep). It’s where most of the play happens and tissues get swiped during a sad rerun of “Breaking Dawn”.

It’s where most of us entertain our guests or let the Telly be the nanny for whiny four year-olds when the adults come to talk .

“Keep the living room a safe, clean and organized space.

image: Minh Pham

In most homes, the living room is the very introduction to the rest of your house. If your living is in chaos, it just lets everyone know that your rooms are in utter disarray just as well.

Give toys a home and put it in bins, always wipe down your counter space like coffee tables and tv consoles down after you’ve put the kids to bed. A quick disinfectant round the area is never too much to ask for in a space that you’re spending the most time in.

In some homes, there is a distinct odor that reeks through the whole house, especially for pet owners who don’t keep their home spick and span.

Their home smell like their pets. It isn’t pleasant when the odor of your pet’s feces and fur is the key factor that’s contributing to an unhealthy living space.

So add an automatic fragrance dispenser or an aroma essential oil stick (potpourri just doesn’t do the job) to keep the home smelling fresh and therapeutic.

2. The Dining Room :

Image: NTWRK

A place to eat, entertain and for most of us even work on the dining room table itself. It’s the main area where people hang out because the chairs are there, it’s in a group setting and food and books are seen as a common spread.

Image: Andrew Neel

Get comfortable seating, disinfect your tables after every meal and arrange all the clutter to one side if at all possible.”

Now, the best is for there to be only a showcase of a bowl of fruit, a vase with fresh flowers or a tray with a pitcher of fresh lemon water and glasses.

If your table is as tiny as ours in our tiny home, there isn’t room for any table decor at all, except on special occasions and dinners.

Keep your table clear of junk mail. I know this is a pretty common sight in busy homes with human traffic going at you, 24-7. Dump it all in the bin and start going through your personal mail every end of the week. You don’t need those brochures and wasteful pamphlets of how you can buy a new home with zero down.

3. The Kitchen:

Image: Pixabay

In my previous home, where space was the luxury, my kitchen was the heart and epicenter of my home. We’d cook, we’d chat, we’d watch movies on our laptops, we had a tv in our kitchen too~ a full screen one, so we’d watch the game and view the fireworks from our kitchen window cos we could see far into the horizon. It’s where people walked directly to, the moment they entered the house, it was the heart and soul.

Well huge kitchens are truly a luxury compared to my now tiny home, but it seems like the kitchen is still where people love to hang out, at least for my friends and family .

“Keep your fridge and pantry stocked and loaded. Make sure your sink area is spotless cos that’s where bacteria lives. Clean out your fridge once a month. Make sure it doesn’t smell like you’ve been cooking after you’re done with your meals. Smells should last less than a day in your kitchen. Air it after you’ve cooked, to let fresh air in. Open up the windows. Clean as you cook as the f&b people say. Learn to clean up after you’re done using the kitchen. Always.”

Image : Jean Van Der Meulen

Have you been to some homes where the whole house smells like the kitchen too. It’s horrid and disturbing for guests especially.

Holding our breath, in hopes that we could talk and breathe at the same time, hiding the fact that we desperately need to make this meetup chop chop so we can get outta there pronto.

Image: Lisa Fotios

“The kitchen is the heart of the home so take care of it with much heart too. Since you’re spending so much time in it, it should be clean and bright always.”

4. The Bedroom:

Are you one who doesn’t make your bed in the morning ? You just jump out of bed in the morning and jump back in at night after a day working .

Your bed is the next place where bacteria love to thrive. Your sweat and bodily fluids that secrete in the middle of the night while you’re asleep is the thing that’s making you itch and twist and turn all night.

If you don’t change your sheets at least once in two weeks, you’re inviting your pals the bed bugs to come live with you.

In a North Carolina State University research, the findings are clear. Our bed sheets have a great diversity of bacteria compared to a chimpanzee’s nest, says Gemma Mullin of the Sun, in a New York Post 2015 article.

“Change your sheets once fortnightly and keep it smelling fresh with clean linens. Dry your wet towels properly so that it won’t stink up the room. Purge through your clothes so that you can downsize on the amount of clothes you have (if your wardrobe is in your bedroom). Always make your bed once you get up.”

5. The Bathroom:

Image: Pixabay

The smallest place in the home and the most neglected. It’s always just an in and out matter when it comes to using the bathroom, isn’t it?

Well, at least for most of us.

Image: Pietro Jeng

“Organize your bathroom essentials, wipe down basins and faucets at the end of every week. Put in bath mats if possible to keep it a dry room too. If you have an Asian home and your bathroom is a wet room too, ensure the outside of your bathroom maintains clean and dry. Put out a pair of slippers for guests to use just in case they’re not familiar with our culture. Remember those mats? Make sure they’re not soaking wet. Change weekly if it’s always dirty. Make sure you clean up the slime and grime on the walls and around the toilet, at least once a month if you’re truly busy. If not, weekly is best so that you don’t have much to do end of the month.”

Image: Christa Grover

I hope we’ve highlighted enough basics to get you started on a better way of living.

It isn’t easy being a care taker of humans and a home. So remember that it’s not your sole responsibility to do all the house chores on your own.

Image: Qanvast

Delegate and organize. Make your home the best place to be at. For you, your family and your friends .

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A home is not what it makes of you, it’s what You make of it. Create a space just for you. A little piece of Heaven.



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