Deep Impact

The World is hit.

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Yet another pandemic raining down on humanity and the rest of the Planet’s many residences.

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What does it truly say about humans and the level of consumption, standards and how we manage and care for our selves and Mother Earth?

What led to this ? Over population and over consuming? Just these two alone can sum up a lot more than you think.

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Well, we all know that the corona virus triggered from a wet market selling exotic and wild species of animals. A place that didn’t take care of its hygiene standards and the proper way of keeping poultry and other species of animals. This led to a concoction of disaster.

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A place that provides the community with a consistent source of daily wild life livestock , a place that’s only concern was the demand and profits.

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Now, I won’t be able to comment on another country’s culture so look at it in the point of view of a consumer.

As a general concern for the planet, let’s highlight how much we eat a lot .

Lots of chicken, beef, maybe fish too, we buy big , we stock up and we overeat.

What if we just ate what was enough..? What if we managed our cravings and ate big when it’s truly a celebration ? Enjoy a feast when it’s a form of a reward or something comforting on a bad day?

How about eating nutritiously ? How about not eating meat on the daily?

We can manage all these.

The recent realization of this high rate of consumption just hit a chord with our household. So the last few months, we’ve cut down on our meat products and food consumption in general . We eat nutritiously and just enough to get through the day in a healthy way. We’ve been taking supplements the last 6-8 months and we’re exercising more. Or at least doing more outdoor activities.

It’s a trying time to adjust but with very little difficulty, it was an adjustment worth taking. A step towards the right direction.

All of us must do our part into this new lifestyle change and maintain a good balance with our Earth. You don’t have to be an activist or an eco warrior just to make a difference..


Change and live a more revitalized and a more balanced lifestyle.

Love you loads,


Last edited : 28th Mar 2020

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