The Ideal Sleep Scenario

To maintain good health, especially good mental health, sleep plays a very vital role. Good quality sleep is needed in order to have a well rounded healthy lifestyle. It is essential that we strive to achieve the best sleep possible for the better of our own lives.

There are a few ingredients to building an ideal sleep scenario. One of which and the most important is that, you have to put aside your electronic devices, like laptops, computers, phones and tablets. Even any other sources that emit blue light like the television, fluorescents and LED lighting can affect your sleep.

Let’s begin creating this ideal space.

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One hour before you head to bed, prepare your space.

1. Ensure your lighting is dimmed down, if your room doesn’t have a dimmer, we encourage you to get a night light or leave your curtains slightly ajar so that the lights from nearby lamp posts or opposite apartment blocks or houses can act as ambient lighting. This is so that the scene of your environment is not harsh. Nothing that’s going to keep you wide awake. Your eyes will adjust, your body will start to relax and your mind understands that it’s bedtime and you naturally begin to feel sleepy.

2. Let’s talk scents . Depending on what fragrances that turns your fancy, a humidifier would be your best friend to help you execute this task. Choose a scent that you feel comfortable enough to infuse into your space. We personally use essential oils by Young Living. Peppermint or spearmint is good to infuse if you’re having a cold and you need a calming environment that encourages recovery. Lavender is the best as it induces sleep. At the moment, we’ve been enjoying infusing oils from Al-Hambra on a not too long ago trip. The home office is so calming and cosy, we just don’t want to leave home.

3. Take away your tech. This one is heavy to carry out but it definitely has proven its effects. Your devices, as we’ve said above, are one of the reasons that your mind and your eyes are constantly distracted. Turn your tv off, you can watch the next episode on Netflix, tomorrow. Shut down your laptops, work should be done within a stipulated time. If you write for a living, continue later. Write down some of the basic ideas you have and then shut it. Set your alarms and set it aside once you’ve turned on that soothing sleep music.

4. Music to sleep to. There are many apps out there that can assist you with sleep. Some are free but the really good ones are pretty affordable. We personally listen to Relaxation Melodies. Some may listen more to spotify with playlists that enhances sleep experience. One great playlist on Spotify is “Background Sounds For Spa Relaxation”. And anything from “Coralia Arlette Leduc”. It’s like vanilla to your ears. You’re welcome, by the way.

5. Cosy sheets. Linen that feels good on your skin is enough to make you want to dive into your bed and just lay there for days. We use many different brands but the one we purchased from http://sojaoshop takes it to another level. Luxurious sheets that are 100% made from organic cotton, we guarantee that you’ll be looking forward to that good night’s sleep.

Side note: If you’re the sort that enjoys a little snack or home made drink before bed, Muji has this cheese cream sandwich cracker that pairs well with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

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We hope we’ve helped you with creating a better environment for a good night’s sleep.

Let us know if you’ve tried it out or if you have other suggestions that has helped you create a better sleep scenario.

Good night and good rest,


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