My Mind's Eye : Being Human and Why I blog

I’ve indulged in my writing and committed to this blog about living a simple life, the last two years now. I write about how to organize your mind and your home and everything that your heart is troubled with. I write so that I may share my experiences, my lessons and practices. The trials and tribulations of what my heart had to bear in order for me to arrive here.

As the human I am today.

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The other day, I was just thinking about all this. Reflecting on our human life in this time and age.

What has the world become, what humans do to make sin seem like a norm. Like it’s ok.

How we live our lives without thinking there’s no repercussions.

How sincere or how dishonest our intentions are.

How we decide everything. How we treat people and our families and the people who we call our friends. How we treat our enemies even.

How we treat animals, and plants, how we overeat and enjoy without conscience. How we take pleasure or what we see and perceive as pleasure. How we take advantage of people. Being opportunists.

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Things we indulge in. Matters of the heart that shake our lives and mess with our emotions.

We are indeed humans after all. Not without sin. Not without mistakes. But indeed we take our lives and this World for granted. Thinking we have all the time in this life to repent. To do over.

We over use . We idolize, people and keepsakes and collections (guilty as charged).

We keep too many souvenirs that we don’t even use or care about. We hoard. We provoke. We desensitize. We make fun. We are mean with our comments and we read too much useless material. We take things to heart and assume someone is talking about us. And we spark arguments … from nothing.

We over-consume.

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We drive “campaigns” that may seem like it’s doing good but it’s actually for a much greater agenda. Or even worse, the wrong agenda.

Of course there are amongst us that are pure and kind and that their hearts and minds have blocked out indifference. They even treat their enemies with respect and just. How many of us can say that ?

Not many I suppose.
We are after all , human.

When our loved ones pass away, or even those we do not know, what happens to life?
It goes on my friends. The sun still rises and the moon still wakes to greet us “Good evening”. Bills still come. Exams still need to be conducted. Bosses still need to be served. Everyone will mourn at their own pace. Everyone will reflect only at funerals and then we go back to our human life.

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We go to class. We commute to work. We fight. We argue over absurd things. Like toilet paper and rice. Or who ate the last mochi green tea ice cream.

We complain about every possible thing there is to complain about.

Some of us text our friends and family to say hi and ask how they’re doing. While some, only text you for your business and money.

We do things with no integrity, even for business. Get the sale get the money and that’s it. No after sales service. No sincerity in helping out if something turns out wrong or defective. No true loyalty is built. There’s no heart. No integrity. No love.

We don’t know the time then. But once upon a hundreds of moons ago, when humans were as tall as a two storey house, humans spoke with mannerisms that are so foreign and alien to how we communicate with each other today. Humans were different.

Because humility, life intelligence, integrity, loyalty and honesty was the currency.

Your reputation precedes you.

Humans bonded over food and talked about life, the Universe and precious lessons. They don’t sit and lock their gazes into devices. They locked their gazes into the faces of their folks, their sahabah ( true friends). They spoke things of worth. Things that we could learn from. Knowledge that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Especially from travelers or those who’s faced the wars of life or those who could teach you about finance.

They would teach each other about medicine and life skills and how to mend a broken heart. I could just imagine how that table would look and sound like. Brilliance.
Well… we speak of different things now. Speech that will never be satisfactory. Speech that doesn’t carry any weight. Speech that is fleeting and forgettable.

Those times, when someone spoke, especially when it’s someone of a certain caliber, we’d all open up our hearts and widen our ears. And be in absolute awe. We’d listen and we’d remember. And we’d carry on a tribal tradition to hand down information, legends and memories. So that people in the future would know. So that they may learn from mistakes. So that the future, may know how to manage and do better for humanity. For their deen.
A time where humans didn’t know yet on how to exploit and exhaust the Planet’s resources. Or how to create nuclear wars and viruses.

Hmm… what is being human ? How much time do we have left ? How long must we work ourselves skinny? Standing for long hours. Not seeing our families and spending quality time. How much must we eat to feel full?

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How far must we go to prove a point ? Or to make someone believe us. Does it take suicide ? Does it take a death of someone we love or forgot to love ? How fast must we deliver a service that we neglect our own safety so that a customer is satisfied ? How far would we push someone to test their patience and see them explode?

There is a lot of goodness in us. There’s a lot of love in us and a lot of patience and understanding in us. We must strive to allow this natural instinct to guide us. It is lost.
So stop.

Stop to listen. Listen to what there is to say. Listen to your body. To your gut.

Listen to understand and not reply.

Read to comprehend and not to react with hatred and disgust.

Contribute without disrespecting an opinion.

Love wholeheartedly. Give.

The benefit of the doubt. Be merciful when hearing out a fault. You’ve got faults too.

Be impartial when listening to a confession, you’ve done a jar full of sins yourselves. And you know it. I have and as have you.

We are not perfect after all. We all have done this and that. Some we are not too proud of, and some worth a mention.

We’ve all been working too hard, been loving and understanding too less. Been indulging and speeding through our life that we lost sight of what it is to be, us.

In this borrowed World. We only have this much. We only have this moment. This time. We may not have seen everything and done everything. But we have what we have and we make good. We keep the peace.

And that for now, is suffice for this life.

The Universe is saying …. slow down Humans.

You need to shut down for a while to reflect, reboot and revive.

Cos if you don’t, there’ll be nothing left that survives.

Goodnight 💜


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