6 Life Questions You Must Ask Yourself

I had a birthday recently and as per every one that I have had, there’s all these life questions that I ask myself.

Some questions differ every year as I age but all in all, it does boil down to the same ones that are still in my head.

None of which though, keep me up and stop me from having a good and fulfilling life.

Matter of fact, these questions motivate and encourage me to always see the bigger picture when it comes to big issues.

Humbling moments that I face, do make me realize the little things that actually matter. It develops my problem solving skills and promotes brain activity when I practice deep thought.

It heightens the level of my understanding, and enhances and expands my way of life.

These questions at some point in time, have guided me and polished me to be a better person than I was yesterday.

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1. What is my Purpose ?

Something that I’ve always pondered as a child. Since the very earliest age that I can track back a memory, I’ve always looked up to the stars in the middle of the night, when grandma and grandpa are still asleep. I’d crawl into the side of their bed and sat there next to the window and just wonder about how the stars are made.

I’d ask, “ God, why did you make us ? Why did you make the stars ? Are there other people on the moon? Why am I here ? Am I going to grow old like my grandparents? What would I do when I’m older? “

I had this desire to want to know, about everything. About how the World works. About the behavior of people and why do they behave the way they do. Why are some people kinder and more loving than others and why are we all here on this earth.

These questions make me understand “Purpose”. This life adventure of mine has always been to understand and fulfill my purpose.

Don’t you ever wonder why you’re here? Why are you so special that you got to be born and what can you contribute to this life you’ve been given ? It’s amazing isn’t it.

Oh it’s been such a volcano erupting, tsunami surviving , storm chasing avalanche of a ride. And you know what ? I’m glad I got to experience it. Even the most horrible and scarring experiences has brought some kind of wisdom in my life.

2. What kind of person am I and who will I become ?

This is a question that I’ll always ask myself as I get older. This is a sort of review of myself. I take a look at who I was before to who I am now. This introspection can take as early as three months to as late as one to five years. I look at things like character and value. Principles and morality. I dig up my mistakes and sins and dissect.

Post mortem on what was the cause of my behavior , whether what I did should be deemed as an excuse or a valid reason.

Was what I did justified? Should it be forgiven? What would happen if the people I love found out? Will it breed conscience ? Guilt or regret ? I know what my weaknesses are. It’s mainly temptation and indulgence of loving someone . I’d do many a crazy things for the one I love and sadly, this weakness does no good at all to my well being.

But the good news is, I eventually learn. Every heartache or experience is a lesson I have to review and rise from. If I don’t learn from it, the “bad dream” keeps happening again and again until finally the message is understood and I finally got it. I become more aware and awake in this waking life.

3. Who will I meet and how will they affect my life?

This question is leaning more towards friendship. To me loyalty is important.

It is the people who are loyal in friendship that you’d love to keep around. You learn a lot by being with them and hearing them out.

Now, loyalty in my books is far different from faithfulness. Let me explain.

Being loyal is like pledging allegiance to an institution or someone (the dictionary term).

It is knowing that this person will always support you when times are bad and they’re not just there in your good times (social term). They’re there especially when you need them the most. They won’t talk bad about you and they are people who love and respect you always. They will always tell you the truth about what they think about you. They’re there to guide and grow with you.

The people you meet will definitely affect your life if you allow it. Be it friendships or relationships.

We copy. We absorb the things we see and hear. We react. So we must understand this. That people do the things they do due to a few reasons.

1. A reasonable cause

2. An innate type of character

3. A habit that they couldn’t cut off

4. A psychological issue that they couldn’t master to control and

5. They learned it from somewhere and their subconsciously copying the script.

Everyone has some issues in their personal psyche, we’re just not diagnosed yet. We all may react and respond similarly or way differently from each other. This is the beauty about being human.

Friends, family and whoever you meet, will indeed affect the way you think, decide and act too. Your social environment influences your actions, behaviors and way of thought. As the above mentioned explanation, we learn subconsciously all the time.

So whoever we place next to us, that six degrees of separation is crucial to our growth as a human being into a well rounded, intelligent and wiseful adult. This then will allow us to teach the next generation and those around us, our families and friends the ways to improve the quality of life.

4. Why do humans do the things that they do?

Understanding people leads me to understanding myself. Because I have met them, and also become them at times.

I personally, have a reason on why I do the things I do. It’s not some random feeling that I’m unable to control. And a handful of people do this too.

While there are some who don’t think over what they’re about to do or even have any valid reasoning. I, as a person believe that to do things with no thought of the repercussions is irresponsible and unjustified.

I am accountable for the things I’ve done and I’m well aware of it. There are a very small handful of regrets in my life but I am unafraid to say that I did them. So I live with no conscience that’s going to haunt me.

Why do people do the things that they do ? How can I help them ? Why did I do the things that I did ? Is it justified ? Was it due to greed, lust, envy , vanity or dissatisfaction?

Let’s take the example of unfaithfulness.

Now being unfaithful is a mere projection of dissatisfaction and a partner’s ignorance to loving the other party and that is why they go astray. I’m not creating an excuse for cheaters here. To make something wrong look like it’s ok is never right. Not in any law. God’s or human’s.

It is to make you understand that people do the things they do for a reason. Like why they’re upset at something, or why did they respond you with that response.

There’s always a back story to every action and reaction. Why do you think certain people are super sensitive about remarks about weight, height or color of their skin? Or even the word “stupid”. Why are they afraid of spiders for instance or why they’ll never again date a Virgo ?

It’s the backstory.

It is a memory linked from their past to their present and in turn it moulds them into such a person. This decides how they respond to the things that happen to them.

5. Am I prepared for my own Death ?

This is a scary but an extremely important question that you should ask yourself.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. In the sense that if you aren’t responsible enough to prepare your family and friends in the event you meet your demise, you’ll leave nothing but difficulties and tough organization behind for your family and friends.

When it comes to wrongdoings, if you have done many a crime towards people, always do your due diligence to seek them out to ask for forgiveness before you die (cos you don’t know when that exactly is) .

If you have someone that has long wronged you, this is the time you start to open the door of forgiveness. Even if it’s in the heart and not out loud.

This is hard work cos sometimes the hurt is too enormous and unacceptable that to forgive seems unjustified. And the thing is, they won’t even remember what they did to you and they won’t have the cajones to even apologize for what they’ve done because either they didn’t know how much they hurt you or they just don’t care.

So that’s another hurdle you got to overcome. But just give it a try. It’ll do a lot of good for your spiritual well being.

To sum this question up, always do your best to do good. Apologise when you know you hurt someone. Be the best person ever when loving someone or treating anyone. Make amends and start to forgive. It’ll be easier for your spiritual being on the other side.

6. What’s next?

This includes everything about life itself. Negative and positive. If let’s say I have overcome a nightmarish break up, a divorce, a death in the family, a progression in career and a relationship upgrade, what happens next?

What happens to my life now that he’s no longer in it? What happens after my Dad is gone? What should I focus on after this divorce? What can I look forward to for future relationships? How can I be better at my job? Have I forgotten my passions and wants? Are my dreams still the same?

All these fall under the ” What’s next?” category.

If you’re getting over depression, what’s next? If you’re over the hurdle of clearing debt, what’s next? If you’ve lived through abusive experiences and live to tell the tale, what’s next? If you’ve quit gambling or smoking, what’s next? If you’ve made amends for your mistakes and wrongdoings, what’s next?

There is so much possibility in what you can achieve after this. Could it be, you teach someone you know on how to get through the same experience as you ? Could you join a campaign after surviving cancer or looking after a patient? Volunteer at a Youth Centre or rehab ? Could you write a book? Start a blog? ahem ahem. HAha.

Yes, take it from me, there are tons you can do and should do to progress and move forward in life. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in a rut. It’s not a good look on you.

Life questions are essential to the progressive way we should lead our lives. It pushes us forward to better and brighter futures . It improves our standard of living and quality of life.

Every question that you pose, is an important one that you should take some time off from your daily video game and Netflix drama and look at it seriously.

It may just change your Life.

Yours Truly,



  1. Christine says:

    Hi! I just celebrated my birthday as well, actually just yesterday, and I wrote 25 lessons learned in my 25 years and most of them are from my favorite book, The Purpose-driven Life: What on Earth am I here for? Here’s the link: https://tinekerbellblogs.wordpress.com/2020/04/08/25-lessons-learned-in-25-years/

    Btw, I followed your blog. I love the topics!

    1. Thank you for your follow, Tine. I love the outlay of your blog. Very inspiring for me.
      I enjoy reading your topics too. Seems we have some things in common, like travel and perspectives. Look forward to read more of you <3

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