5 Things You Should Catch Up with During Lockdown

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I must admit, I enjoy all this time at home now. Though I miss my job, this new found appreciation for staying home and working from home has really got me a good one month’s well deserved rest from hours of standing at my regular job.

Now despite being home, I too have realised how stay home parents feel. It is a 24/7 job that not just anyone can apply for. Taking care of the home, its occupants and taking care of yourself especially, is vital.

With our new daily routines imparted, let’s take a look at the things you can catch up on during this lockdown.

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1. All Religious and Spiritual Practices and Learning.

Image: Masjid Pogung Dalangan

Ok so… though I’m advising it, I’ve not been very consistent on this part here I must say. But I do keep in touch with my online learning part of it by attending webinars and reading one or two articles about things that I don’t understand and need clarification with.

Hmm…maybe to think of it again, you can say that I do maintain my learning through these methods. Ramadan has been trying since the normalcy of routines during this month has been changed due to the current pandemic. I guess it gives us some time to take a breather on our overspending and over-consuming during the breaking of fast.

So catch up on learning and reading anything to quench that spiritual side of you during this period of time. Pick up that book you’ve always wanted the kids to read, or check up on the meanings of verses and chapters. It’ll do you some good no matter how little you do everyday.

2. Cleaning Out Your Closet

Image: Sarah Brown

If you’ve not been regular with your 3 month wardrobe purge, it just means that this is the perfect moment for you to get back on track and start spring cleaning early before the holidays. A nice, neat , freshly scented purged closet does wonders for mental space and spiritual cleansing. You’ll notice a sudden weight that’s been lifted after you’ve cleared out all the unnecessary.

Pat yourself on the back if you’ve done that!

3. All the Seasons of Shows and Movies You’ve always wanted to Watch

Image: Jeshoots.com

Ok, I must say that I don’t encourage hours and hours of indulging in entertainment cos it’s not productive in any way. But the deal breaker is that these are stressful times and our mind and our spirit needs to get an adrenaline injection of laughter and entertainment to maintain our sanity.

If you’re not watching an eight hour marathon of the Fast & Furious Franchise, then watch comedies to keep the hopes up in a gloomy household. Or even better, watch documentaries or shows that you could learn something from. At least there’s edutainment and everyone stuck in the house can benefit from it if they’ve got to be glued to the television.

4. Clear Your Storage

Image : Jordan Hyde

If your house has a garage or a store room or if you rent a storage facility, this is a grand opportunity to get rid of as many non essentials as you can. If you can’t throw stuff away due to logistics and manpower, then at least keep it organised so that the next time when you do have manpower and logistics, you can easily execute the operation of giving stuff away or throwing them in the dumpster. Put all the give-aways in bins and separate the trash in black plastic bags. Remember to not just dump stuff at the non designated areas cos you’ll get a hefty fine. So bring a rechargeable battery operated fan, some cold drinks in a cooler, someone from the same household who can help, a couple of foldable seats so you can take a break in between, portable speakers if you need music and last but not least, a mask and gloves for the dust.

5. Finish Reading

Image: Rahul Shah

I won’t say I’m an ardent reader but I do love the company of a good book. I could really get lost in it . Keep my nose in till the very juicy end. You know how many books I’ve bought in my life that I still have not read yet? Like a gazillion. I just love books.

It’s something about being surrounded by all this knowledge and adventure in paperback that makes me inspired and excited all day long. And I keep buying books despite not finishing reading them all. HAha. I’m obsessed I know. I want to live in a library and if I ever get a huge house with many rooms, one will just be for a Reading Room.

Image: Nick Hillier

Oooh… I see it now. A velvet deep emerald green one seater at the corner with a nice tall floor lamp in a light patina overhead. A chesterfield leather sofa accompanied with a solid teakwood table with marble top and gold inlays , adorned with coffee table books from Iceland to Australia. An espresso machine at the corner that allows me to enjoy a cappuccino cozying up with a Roni Loren novel. Or a nice cup of Earl Grey when diving into the depths of the “Okinawa Way”. Gosh, my imagination is running wild.

I think I’m going to go make that reading corner for myself right now, the tiny house version at least. HaHA!

Here’s wishing you blessings during this trying times of lockdown. Stay safe and stay sane!

Our hearts are with you.

Peace and Love,


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