The Most Relaxing Sounds On Youtube ~ Check✓

From mountain bike enthusiasts, music aficionados, konmari types, farming artisans, to journaling junkies, this link up will make your day. I wouldn’t say that I frequent Youtube but I do take time to enjoy my couch surfing on the YT waves. And when I do, I take time out from thinking. I listen to relaxing music to inspire me to write and I put on something calming while I’m doing monotonous tasks. These channels are just some of the many that I subscribe to. So I hope you get to check out these top picks for your listening pleasure.

The Night Owl’s Ear Candy:

This particular channel I recently subscribed to, called Chilledcow hits the spot when we’re talking ambient music.

1 a.m. Study Session is a one hour album of lo-fi hip hop and chill beats that I constantly listen to on this channel. What is lo-fi you might wonder? Well, lo-fi are beats that set a mood, like a dinner party. It also serves as ambient sounds, for example in a cafe or salon. You could even put this on when people come over to hang out. It’s low key in texture and it highlights a calming and mellow vibe. I love to listen to this when I have a write up in progress or need to rush before publishing. It sets such an awesome mood and I get to get the job done with arrowed focus.

For the Homebody Who Prefers the Simple Life:

Haegreendal is my favourite channel to watch on the tube. I love it when she performs her little everyday chores. There’s a lot of work put into the editing, I can see. Her videos are high quality and the sounds will be your ASMR fancy all day all night. Cooking, cleaning, appreciating the outdoors, having meals together as a family and watching her raise her son the”Little Captain”. You tend to appreciate the simple things that are truly important. I binged watch this without realising it. Love Love Love!

For the Minimalist Junkie:

I love Ryder Caroll’s voice and if you get a chance to catch him on Bujo’s IG, he’s not bad on the eyes either. He is the founder of the Bullet Journal. I enjoy this channel because his voice relaxes me even though its instructional.

Now, I know some of us since the 80’s have been writing down our thoughts and ideas in bullet points. It’s not something new right? What Ryder has developed is an organised method which includes other stylings of journaling, that surrounds the bullet point system that we know.

If you’re interested in journaling or minimalist ways of compartmentalising your thoughts, noting down important projects, habit track your daily routines and mark your to-do lists and events, join the Bujo fanbase and learn the Bullet Journal method. We’re all neighbours here, I promise.

Something for the Self-Sufficient Artisan:

You don’t have to speak mandarin to watch this channel. Liziqi is an artisan with super powers beyond your imagination. Her videos are high quality and yummy variations of sounds, really soothes the ears. She can make ANYTHING. Yes, anything I said. From all types of Chinese dishes made available to her from the many natural resources she’s surrounded by, to making a full living room set furniture. She even sews her own clothes from the cloth that she actually made. Natural make-up from tea leaves and flowers saves her from buying anything factory based. She shows how to build an earth oven from scratch and she makes and sells things at the market, like homemade jam.

Sit down with a cup of green tea and just watch this channel till there’s nothing left to watch. I’m just amazed that this elegant lady who is a multi talented X-Men of a human being, exists in our day today. She’s an artisan with a face of an angel. Anyone would be so lucky to marry her. Your evening is a done deal when you have her showing you how she makes every single thing humanly possible. She’s out of this World.

The Derailer’s Kit:

If Sram, Revel and Dream Builds are familiar words to you, you’ll probably thank us for this next channel. I’ve watched a lot of channels about custom bikes and builds, and had my fair share of sitting through clips on trail runs from riders all over the World but this one takes the cake by far. Being the mellow person that I am, I prefer a more laid back and chill vibe to anything. I was introduced to this channel by my husband who’s a mountain bike enthusiast.

Imagine losing yourself in hours of building that dream bike of yours whilst listening to the most chillest moody sounds. Gee Milner is a videographer/photographer that has another passion around his belt, Mountain Bikes. Unique in his art direction on these builds, he goes right into angles of POV that makes you feel included. It’s like as though you’re actually there with the mechanic building it. His videos are so satisfying to watch, crisp ASMR pops and clinks, chill tunes from musicbed in the background and excellent composition. This channel is sweet to watch. Lazy Sunday afternoons won’t be so boring after all.

You’ve got the List! Now go enjoy your lockdown.

You’re welcome.


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