What are you looking forward to the most after Covid?

I think we can start with, human connection.

Being cooped up in our apartments or homes isn’t really healthy for lengthy periods of time . There’s so much news on my feed. I’ve seen footage of an elderly throwing things out the window, people claiming “sovereign”, slashing and stabbing, the list goes on. They are going “cabin fever” crazy on us. Like for real.

We crave human interaction. It’s innate. We want to connect. Being outside in nature. Touching the faces of our grandkids, hugging our friends, kissing our lovers. We enjoy our weekly game be it football or badminton. We miss morning swims and evening runs. We miss saying “We should catch up over coffee.” and making reservations for that special birthday. We miss picking out flowers and splurging at Daiso. We miss window shopping and spas. We miss pedicures and walking into a Macdonalds and smelling the freshly cooked fries.

I know some things aren’t essential like all the spa massage manicure kind of stuff but we do miss grooming ourselves. Looking our best.

We miss buying stuff for our family just so grandma can eat some kuih-kuih (traditional snacks,pastries). We miss surprising someone with flowers and chatting with our local grocer.

We miss playing with our nieces and nephews. We miss laughing out loud when we meet old friends and leaning in to whisper a secret.

We miss dating ! Must be tough for you who aren’t married and don’t live together. We miss going to the movies and ordering a large ice lemon tea, sharing ice-cream. We miss walks at the park and romantic picnics. We miss barbecues and weddings. We miss line dancing at the community club haha. We miss showing off our ride at a monthly car meetup. We miss just about everything we can imagine and remember about our old human life. We’ve come a long way after 4 months. Long long way but still mankind have loads more to learn and adapt to.

What will happen after all this ? Will we go back to our old lives of over consuming and over spending? It’s a tough one to ride out but I’m hoping that we will get through this and learn something out of it.

We took so much for granted and so lost in our priorities that this pandemic was the thing that had to make us realize that.

1. Love and appreciate everyone.

image: Tim Marshall

I’m not just talking about loved ones and family. I’m talking about every single one. Your bus driver, the auntie who packs your food for take away , the nurse who takes your details, doctors who give advise, parents who call us every month and we don’t even bother calling them weekly, back in the day. Even our postman or delivery guy. Everyone plays a part in our community, our society, our city, our country. Expand your mind when you see others. Working and toiling for you just so you can get your limited edition shoes on time. How about foreign workers who help build your homes and make sure the streets are paved and maintained. How about your neighbor who works as a cleaner? The lady who sells tissue at the side walk.

2. Material and Special Foods aren’t essential

This pandemic has proven that we only need what we Only Need . We don’t need a million shoes and handbags. We didn’t even need like 80 t-shirts in our collection. We didn’t need that gong cha that we crave for every lunch time. Or that sweet bread from

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