Dear 2020, let’s begin again…

image: Danielle Macinnes

How things have unfolded since the mid of March. It’s amazing that the storyline of how 2020 was going to unravel, became this somewhat horror story for the World. Mother earth is fighting back in defence and we’re here to listen and play our part by staying home.

What has happened since the Covid19 pandemic ?

We as a people and a planet have done two major things.

One, we have divided ourselves due to our racial, political and social differences and also gave birth to more domestic violence and crime. And second, we have stayed united in forms of support, care and concern. Working together, building a stronger and healthier more aware and conscious society.

So it’s only mid year but let’s see what damages we’ve done so far :

image: JC Gellidon
  1. We’ve shown our indifference
  2. We’ve sparked discrimination and hate
  3. We’ve lied about truths about viruses
  4. We’ve destroyed our communities, networks and any governing body
  5. We’ve used a lot of take away plastic products
  6. We’ve fought about politics during a crucial time in the age of the virus
  7. We got our priorities in disarray
  8. We still bombed, shot, killed innocent lives
  9. We became insane due to staying home and adhering to all restrictions in place
  10. We wreak havoc wherever we can, on social media and other platforms too
  11. We became selfish, ignorant and entitled

    Boy, did we do a lot.

I’d like to take a moment now, to thank all our front liners, immigrant workers and brothers and sisters in the community, volunteers, essential workers, families and businesses for coming together and keeping it strong for everyone. You are appreciated and loved! #shoutout

Ten seconds of silence with head bowed down, breathe in….and breathe out.


Now let’s see what we manage to accomplish instead !

1.We became more aware of personal hygiene.

2. We now realize how important maintaining good health is.

3. We changed the way we do things traditionally and learned how to adapt with technology.

4. We are more environmentally conscious and realize the effects of over consuming.

5. We are more careful with our expenditure and look after our finances better.

6. We have learned skills that could save lives.

7. We’ve progressed to focusing on personal development, especially from learning online.

8. We are forced to learn how to use the many functions of our smartphones!

9. We recognise now, what are essentials of living a sustainable lifestyle.

10. We have come up with ideas on how to keep mentally fit and healthy.

11. We pay more attention to our children and our families as everyone is now at home.

12. We cherish face to face interactions and appreciate each other more by connecting.

13. We exercised our creativity and we Create, Invent and Develop apps or new ways and methods to help our community.

14. We advanced in our business and improved the way we work, the way we serve customers and all with the aim of keeping everyone safe, happy and employed.

15. We became really good neighbors.

16. We made more effort to connect with our family, parents and relatives.

17. We volunteered !

18. We didn’t forget the animals too.

19. We took care of our elderly, in particular.

20. We formed and initiated help and support groups.

21. We reached out to the poor, homeless and in need.

22. We finally purged our belongings.

23. We finally took the time to do all the things that we didn’t have time for.

24. We cleaned and we cleaned !

25. We created memories together as a nation.

26. We became everyone’s listening ear during lockdown.

27. We cooked more, read more and learned how to do things that we never thought to learn to do.

28. We stood up for each other’s right to exist and to live freely.

29. We voiced out historical pending issues and decided there’s no better time than now to address it.

30. We finally changed the World ! By reducing pollution and waste. By forging friendships and collaborated with people and organizations across the globe.

We can do more everyone! We can and we should !

image: Sage Friedman

It’s a conscious and united effort. We did more good than damages in comparison so there’s always hope for Mankind and all of Earth’s residences. A new horizon awaits us. There’s still a lot of 2020 left to salvage.

I’m so blessed that though this period of time was a struggle, we pulled through and we’re still working on getting it all together. I’m happy and proud as a citizen of my country and a member of the human race.

Well done everyone! You deserve this fulfilling and abundant life you’ve created for yourself, your family and your communities. God bless you!

So take it in, we have 6 more months to go to 2021. We can still try to make through our bucket list and check off what we can. Change your goals to better suit the current times and I pray that you will be able to achieve it in due time.

image: Content Pixie

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Love & Peace

Stay Safe and Stay Sane.


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  1. What a lovely post and thank you for your perspective as it resonates with me and probably millions. You are so right, it has uncovered many things and one of them being hope. Take care and be well, where ever in the world you are. 🙂

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