3 Simple Ways to Organize Your Thoughts

Are you stuck with a decision and are confused on how to make a better choice?
Have you ever said to yourself, ” What do I do first?” and almost broken down in tears just because you can’t get the mess in your head organised?

Well let’s break it down in three simple ways on how you can organize your thoughts.

Here we go!

1. What is life or death?


Mission critical. This is how you prioritise what’s the most important thing you need to deal with first. How you approach the most immediate issue and solve the most urgent matter at hand. Is it or is it not life or death? Will it cost you your job or affect anyone else? Does this bring up any other issues or consequences if it’s not done? Ask these questions and then proceed to the most urgent and the most pending matter first, always. Also remember to ask for help if the issue requires more heads than one. You can seek help, you know. It’s ok.

2. Make a list


I love making lists, be it on my notes (in my smartphone) or on an actual notepad or diary. The thing that gets me excited the most is when I get to tick off the to-do list. Boy, it feels good. It’s like small little accomplishments throughout the day. That’s a reward as itself. So create a list of the tasks at hand (also applying the rule above), and then marrying it with time management. A proper schedule written the night before will help you a long way ahead of the following day. So prepare and be motivated as you go along checking off that list.

image: Glenn Carstens Peters

3. Compartmentalise


Ok, this may be a little tough for some who don’t use much imagination but it sure isn’t impossible. You have to divide and conquer. That is, to compartmentalise your thoughts into departments or categories.

Imagine that your mind is a big library or an archive that all the most precious information is stored and kept. For me, when I was growing up, there’s a little imaginary gnome in my head that helps me organize my thoughts, memories and dreams. It’s all titled and categorised into its own genres. This takes practice especially if you’re not used to it.

Place each area of our life into its own little box, book, room or department. However you want to relate to it.

For example,

  • Dreams
  • Home and Family
  • Work Related
  • Love Life
  • Problems that need to be solved
  • Goals
  • Friends
  • Passions and Interests
  • Spiritual Reflection
  • Personal Development
  • Finance Matters
  • Others

If you have a hard time selecting what into where, just put it into Others until you find a home for it. Of course you can’t do this all at the same time. This is to be done quietly, in your mind, in a place that’s not too distracting and one at a time.

Apply point number one to sort out what’s the most urgent issue, then recognize the category it belongs to and then use point number two to list down what you should do to solve all the matters in that category.

Don’t be overwhelmed with all the categories. You can edit and create your own “Thought Departments”. It’s up to you and your own creativity. This encourages you to exercise imagination and play. It then brings you to a calmer more innocent state of consciousness. You can then take this opportunity to develop your own thought processing and reinvent the way you think or retrieve information in your head. If you find that doing this in your mind is tougher than writing it down, then please write it down so you can see a written version of what you put into each “thought department”. Meditate and visualise it in your mind and store the information.


Try it out and have fun doing it!

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Love & Peace

Stay safe and stay sane !


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