7 Habits Successful People Practice

Look, chasing the paper is not for everyone. I for one, don’t have this drive of paper chasing and material wealth. I don’t have the determination like these people do. Clad iron consistency and hard work when it comes to making money. Maybe it’s because my “thing” isn’t monetary, that’s all. So this is not an article about “how to get rich” or “become successful“. Everyone has their own definition of what Success means to them and that’s ok. Just because I don’t have as much determination or value similar things, doesn’t mean that these habits can’t be applied to anyone. It is a “for EVERYONE across the board” list of habits that even most of us are already practising ourselves. So that aside, let’s see what they do differently in their World of Success.

Success isn’t gotten overnight, especially not for some multi millionaires or CEOs. It takes a certain type of people to get the results that can acquire that amount of success and money. So let’s take a look at some habits successful people practice that puts them on the top of their game.

1. Wake up before everyone

This one really depends on who you are amongst the rich and successful. As much as we want to believe that 8hrs a day is the magic number for sleep, many successful people sleep lesser than the average person. Not that it’s right, it’s just what they do to get to where they want to be. They are subjected to many appointments and decisions in their daily life and they need those few extra wake hours to get advanced headway on their projects or to keep up with their personal goals. So sleep enough for what your body needs. Some people get 5-6hrs of good quality sleep and they can start their day. I know a person who sleeps at 9.30pm and wakes up at 3am and starts his day from there. Getting a few hours ahead of everyone will give you the upper hand. You’re getting a head start on a lot of things. You can get emails done, exercise, do some chores and even read for an hour, all before the break of dawn.

Sneak in a power nap around 10am so you can continue your day without feeling fatigue. If you’re a night owl, change your sleep pattern and do your mind and body a huge favor. Heard of premature death due to lack of proper sleep? Yup, that happens. Sleep in the night and be awake in the day. Lack or improper sleep leads to an imbalance in the hormones in our body like cortisol, leptin and ghrelin. This can lead to the lack of important hormones our body needs and it’s the thing that contributes to you gaining weight too. We need these hormones to regulate our appetite and help us with our immune system.

2. Eat Right

Whatever diet you’re on, eating right is the key to a healthy body and mind even if you don’t exercise. Eat fresh food, the more colors your meal has, the more nutritious it is. Hydrate with WATER. Not isotonic drinks, not colored drinks, not caffeinated drinks but plain drinking water. Drink more water to detox everything “bad” out of your system. Or maybe to wash down that daily cappuccino. Cut down on the fried and oily. Cut down on sugars. Indulge on starch once in a while to kill your cravings but not everyday. Push in the proteins. Big leafy vegetables, fish and some nuts or legumes. Every body needs different amounts of certain things, so talk to a professional or a nutritionist on what your blood type and body type actually requires. Remember that eating should be nutritious and kept to the amount that your body actually needs to replenish so don’t overeat.

3. Daily Movement

This could mean exercise or it could mean a hobby or passion that requires you to move. A lot of the rich and successful go for the basics like gym workout, HIIT , running, pilates and yoga. But there are so many other forms of movement you can try out.

Calisthenics. Though the hype has died since it’s reintroduction to the millenium, this form of discipline has a great following that is still growing till today. Trainers like Alex Lorenz and Sven Kohl from Calisthenics Movement (calimove.com) and their team of Sports scientists and physiotherapists can help you learn about nutrition and teach you how to train up your core. CEO and Founder of ThenX ~ Chris Heria will rock your World with training that has a good mix of core workout programs that will keep you wanting more.

Swim. If you have access to a pool or if getting to a pool or the beach is convenient for you, then do so. I do have some friends who surf to keep fit as well. That’s also a full body workout, right there.

Climb! If you’re in Singapore, look for all the places you can rock climb. Kallang Sports Hub has Climb Central, Clip N Climb at Hometeam NS in Tampines has a fun one. There’s also one in Guillemard called Onsight Climbing Gym. For anywhere else in the World, research good climbing spots or gyms and start climbing.

Parkour. This is quite niche but they do have a very big following in each country. So you’re never alone to try this out. What was once known as a French military training, Parkour has taken an identity as a new discipline refreshed in the 90’s by David Belle ~ the Art of Movement.

Walk. Walking is the easiest most accessible activity that you can partake in. I’ve seen a lot of Japanese elderly folk hike up and down a mountain or walk on a trail on the daily. No wonder they have one of the highest numbers of Centenarians on record. That’s like their morning routine. Something we should learn from.

4. Read, Read and Read

Even for the declared non-reader, you’ll find that they do slip in some kind of reading at points of time throughout the week. It could be a Business magazine, the morning paper or any articles that they would come across on the net. The highly aggressive go-getters finish a book at least once a week. They go through lot of information and material on the daily.

Some mentionables are The 4-hr Work Week by Tim Ferris, The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic!

5. Have a Daily/ Weekly Focus

Goal tracking. This takes discipline and consistency. Unlike most of us who write our goals and forget them, these people look at their daily or weekly goals and keep track of their own progress. It takes a lot of hard work and maintaining a solid dateline for all the goals they tend to keep and successfully achieve. They break it down into bite sized tasks that they know are achievable and manageable. Smart, measurable, achievable, realistic and time specific goals (S.M.A.R.T) are what they aim for and they make sure they make it happen .

6. Doing Self Care

Well if we can’t make or find time, we set aside our time to pamper and take care of ourselves. Spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally, they find ways and methods that suit them best where it comes to taking care of themselves.

Successful people meditate or “escape” to a quiet or serene place and do stuff that keep them happy and calm. They do activities that excite them and allows them to be truly themselves in their natural state. It is a moment of self awareness and refreshing themselves from a hectic month, they reward themselves for having work so hard.

Being happy and complete in all aspects of your life is crucial to keeping yourself balanced. Go to a spa, pack your bags to a retreat just for you and order room service. Whatever it is that is out of the work scope and cuts you off from that for a while, just do it. It will do you a good for the long term. Your sanity, happiness and mental health is significant to your success.

7. Update and Invest In Yourself

image: Thought Catalog

In every industry, it is required that we keep updated on what’s going on, what’s the latest practice and how to improve our business or how we run our team or company. The rich and successful constantly upgrade and reinvest in themselves. We call this getting the high income skills set. They take up courses, read and learn from different coaches that they either hire or be a mentee to. Upgrading yourself online or getting into the right networks and social circles also bring you to where you aim to be.

But do take caution on who you follow if you’re into those self-made internet millionaire seminars that teach you to be rich thing. Not all of them are scamming of course and it is a Sales pitch in the end, right? Just get more information about it at least and do some research before you fully sign up for anything. If you have the means to “jump”, then do it. But if you don’t, be careful where you place the risk of investing your money.

Successful people reinvest in themselves through education, exposure to knowledge (being in the right circles) and upping their skills set. They are also smart enough not to be fooled into scams ,on who they take advice from and what kind of skills they actually want to acquire.

Let’s Recap:

1. Wake up before everyone (be productive and ahead)
2. Eat right (keep healthy for the body and mind)
3. Daily Movement (keep fit)
4. Read ( acquire useful knowledge )
5. Have a daily/ weekly focus (get work done)
6. Self Care ( reward yourself )
7. Update and Invest in Yourself (apply what you learn)

At the end of the day, pay attention to what habits bring you closer to your goals. Stop repeating habits that are not serving its purpose and build smaller habits and routines for those of us (ahem ahem, me) who aren’t so consistent in practising and keeping to one.

Whatever being successful may mean to you. It could be achieving a life goal, a passion you’ve always wanted to pursue, losing the weight, being able to sustain a balanced lifestyle, getting married, finding the right one or opening a restaurant. Just focus on the habits that will move you towards your goal and you’re all set to go.

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