Who and what are Energy Suckers?

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As what Best Selling Author John Dijulius said ” It is a scientific proof that energy is exchanged between people. We literally give and receive energy.”

I believe that to lead a simpler life means to delete drama and extract the negative that surrounds us. Any activity, type of job, routine and people that you engage with that bring you to a toxic place should be cut from your life as soon as possible.

Many things fall into the category of energy suckers so let’s break it down on what types of energy suckers there really are.


Any type of routine that makes you feel mundane or unpleasant to do, you should stop doing it OR try to change your perspective of that routine by doing it a different way. By seeing the routine in a different point of view, you can change the value of that routine and maybe make you more susceptible to it in the long run. If you dread it like wet bread on a Sunday then by all means change or stop the routine. Find other methods to get that goal done.

Work Related:

Two things in this category, your vocation and people at work. If your job requires you to drag your feet to work cos it’s something you hate doing then why still be there? Make an effort to find something that you’re more passionate about or at least care for. Not everyone loves or hates their job so go out there and find something that makes you happy and not too stressed out that you literally curse and swear about it all the time. People play an important role too to making you love or hate your job. If you have a boss or a colleague that you just can’t stand, then I think it’s time that you made a move to greener pastures. Being around toxic people who make your daily life a living misery isn’t really the right way to live a life. But if you feel that the pay is worth the misery then manage yourself and find ways around this issue so that these people don’t get a chance to affect you this way in future. Find a time to address this with them or discuss with a friend or a trusted colleague on how best to deal with this headache. Clear the air. Don’t despair.

Acts of Service:

Now this borders around what you do for people or things you do in general, that are non productive or not being appreciated for.

Are you the sort that rallies meetups and starts conversations in a group chat? Maybe you’re the one always planning everyone’s birthday but nobody plans for yours? Maybe you’re always talking but nobody listens and no one shows you love for what you’ve done for them. Maybe you’re secretly crushing on someone and you keep doing the work for them but they get all the credit and don’t thank you for it. Don’t be a sucker man.

Please stop doing all these things if you’re just going to end up angry, unrequited or disappointed beyond control. This is a choice you have to make. Nobody cares enough about it and especially not like you. You care above and beyond cos that’s just you. So you should be appreciated by the right people. You can’t expect people of different sets of values to feel and act the way you do. Everyone’s different.

Do things from your heart and if they reciprocate that’s great but once you do it full heartedly without the need to expect recognition or reward, that’s when you know that you’re grown. You are adult, congrats. Cos you’ll come to a phase of your life that you just about had it. And then suddenly everything falls into place. You’ll start meeting people who actually cares, for real. People will start feeling empathy for letting you do all the work, they’ll show you their appreciation and love without you even asking for it. Compliments will start coming in and you won’t know how to stop it. It’s a good domino effect to be a part of. So don’t get yourself down cos that will exhaust you of good energy. Do acts of service that are more beneficial and worth your time. Remember, if you want to do it then do it. People’s reactions and everything else is beyond your control. If the act is weighing you down ,then stop and do more productive things for a change.


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Oh people, aren’t they just a bowl of colorful goodness? HAha. Stop surrounding yourself with toxic or dramatic people. Although I must emphasize on how much of this is subjective because what may be dramatic to one person doesn’t necessarily mean it is for another. So, take it as whatever you feel doesn’t fit, don’t force that square into a circle. If that person or group of friends are doing you damage and causing you tremendous burden on your mental health, then stop hanging out with them. Gnawing on your mind like an aching toothache that won’t go away . People who have blatant disregard for your feelings and self-worth. Bruising your ego at every chance they get. Always disrespecting you as a human being or your station. Then those, my friends, are obvious signs that they are an Energy Sucker.

I knew people who didn’t know when to leave my house at the appropriate time. People who were freeloaders. “Friends” who take advantage of your kindness, “friends” who are always late cos they just don’t care about your time. People who annoy you when they’re around. These energy suckers need to be eliminated from your life. Even relationships that do so. Make it a bucket list to slowly not engage with friends and partners like this. The sooner you start sieving them out of your life, the faster much better, more compatible people get a chance to enter your life and influence it in a much healthier way.

Let people know how you should be treated because if you don’t let people know, they’re going to mistreat you over and over again cos you didn’t say ” Stop this bullshit please.”

It’s easy to know me, if I see that you’re not being a friend (cos your behaviour is toxic and unacceptable) then most probably you won’t be hearing from me asking you to hang out anymore. It’s as simple as that. So stop the bullshit from energy suckers. Get yourself out and let go of everyone and everything that is taking up so much of your precious time. Time that could be spent on people who actually love, care and respect you. People who are truly there for you. People who lift you up and not bring you down. People who expand your life, not stunt your growth or burden you with their bullshit. People who are kind and influence you in a good way, not people who are irresponsible and are oblivious to how their actions affect others.

Aaahh ..feels good to release energy suckers, really. You’ll feel liberated, emancipated and relief. Well, these are just a few examples on how you can recognise them. Some might add, siblings or even parents, lovers and bestfriends too. So study this, observe how these people treat and talk to you . If you always feel bad, guilty, sad, afraid , mentally and spiritually exhausted around them, if you’re always angry, upset and trying to dodge bully bullets then yes, they’re energy suckers.

Change your environment today to live a more fulfilling and abundant life. Simplify simplify simplify. Less drama, Momma.

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