7 Steps on How to get that Lifestyle You’ve always Wanted

There is no fast way to get the things that you desire, especially not when it comes to attaining a certain type of lifestyle. No shortcuts available here, trust me. It takes dedication, desire, passion, patience, perseverance, faith and determination. A mindset that can withstand the tests of time and the trials that come along with it. Be it The Minimalist, The Hustler, The Sacred, The Singleton, The Simple Lifesters, The Teacher, The Regimented, The Corporate, The Naturalist, The Keeper of your Family, The Lux Traveler or The Ambassador Lifestyle or whatever else kind of lifestyle you’d like to acquire, you need to know that there’s more to it than what you see on Instagram. And here’s what it takes…

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To start off, here are some items you may need during this process. Write these down in an organised system in your journal, tablet or any other apps or devices you may use to keep track. At the end of this, there is a vision board that you can optionally do just to invoke inspiration and start to condition your mind to the upcoming changes and goals that you’re about to undertake.

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1.Read about the Lifestyle of Your Choice

  • know what kind of lifestyle you desire (write it down in a script) learn about scripting as a guide
  • study and read up the pros and cons of that lifestyle
  • weigh the desirability factor of what you’d like to achieve and lay out the consequences, benefits and risks having such a lifestyle
  • review what you need to sacrifice (time with family, cutting off friends who are toxic, late nights, investing money, emotional and mental ramifications etc)

2. Research on Articles, Communities or People on the Ground who are Currently Living it

  • look for people who have done it themselves ( be selective about who you seek advice from but take it with a pinch of salt and have caution and variety not just learn from one person, one source, one type of training or method, find methods that suit you and your time, not theirs )
  • ask questions on how they do it, lots of questions so you can review which is fake and factual
  • watch out for herd mentality and cult culture way of thoughts, you don’t want that
  • some networks rope you in this “showmanship” performance in edutainment culture, creating a placebo effect of motivation to justify their methods and trainings, you don’t want that either so watch out for the red flags
  • involve yourself in the network and equip yourself with the knowledge on the steps to get there
  • collect resources, data and information about what works and what to look out for when pursuing this lifestyle
  • get in tune with the latest on that lifestyle and how to make it your own ( be yourself at the end of the day, don’t create a facade or copy a persona you want to imitate, create a life for your own) Be Authentic

3. Lay the Bricks

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  • start a foundation to prepare yourself for what’s ahead , start somewhere even if it’s one brick at a time
  • gather as much resources as you can to properly build a solid base ( get certified, be a practitioner, earn the respect through hard work, sign up for the license, take a course, get educated, be financially ready, train yourself to be competent )
  • always have something to fall back on ( support from family and friends who understand this choice and what you’re working towards, your own savings if you have and have things that make you happy like pets, plants, hobbies or club members of a network you joined ), this acts as a parachute on this scary and uncertain road you’re taking, you need cheerleaders and comforting tools
  • even though it’ll take you 1-3 years to save up, DO IT! You need to have some savings before you pursue a drastic change in your lifestyle ~ if the change requires a financial parachute ( this is to maintain food, shelter, education, bills and responsibilities) unless you have some money to roll for the next few months or hold 2-3 jobs at one time then maybe you can save faster than others but don’t over do it
  • prioritize your spending on education (courses etc) and capital that you need to set aside
  • if this lifestyle doesn’t require monetary back up then equip yourself with the right emotional and mental tools so that you can overcome the challenges you’d have to face straight on
  • build your foundation with enough competency of the subject and prepare to overcome the great discomfort that’s coming along with it
  • discipline your mind and get into a routine that will stabilise you through this

4. Participate and Get Involved in that Lifestyle

  • join a club, network and interact with people who are already doing it
  • follow by example
  • BE that Lifestyle and represent it
  • seek opportunities that could connect you to what you need to be connected to (people or others)
  • lead something, form something of your own and start practicing
  • get that mindset to slowly get used to this new habit and routine change, do it gradually if you’re the slow and steady type or do it fast if you’re the do-it-now the better type

5. Design a Flowchart

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  • step by step, write out the building blocks and stages that will get you from Point A to Point B
  • you need to write it out on an iPad or any device or analog tools (notebook, journal) to see it with your own eyes what needs to be done first and then subsequently
  • use visuals and other stimuli if you need to
  • you may adjust this flowchart if you bump into an obstacle, if there are life changes due to situations and circumstances or if you hit a wall
  • your flow chart needs to have a beginning (current situation) and an end (desired outcome)
  • you must have a start date and an end date ( be specific, use realistic timelines but chunk it by quarterly markers so it’s not too overwhelming and its achievable ) Eg. “I am starting today 27th Aug 2020 and the date I will acquire it is by 30th Oct 2021.”
  • from this example, you can segment your flowchart in steps that can be accomplished within every 3 months
  • you may also minimise it further to a monthly goal tracker instead (this is based on your own comfort level, some people do daily, weekly and monthly goal trackers)

6. Vision Board Inspiration (Optional at the same time Encouraged)

  • using any app of your choice or analog tools, create a vision board that forms a visual impact and makes you happy to put you in a ” I’m going to get there” state of mind
  • this is to visually stimulate you and encourage you to keep it going
  • look through Pinterest, magazines, IG’s of people you aspire, words of wisdom, positive quotes regarding the choice of lifestyle and your own write ups or items that inspire you to get there
  • the easiest way is to do it on an app and then put it as a wallpaper on your phone or laptop, some place that you can visually see it daily
  • or you can do it the old school way of an actual board or scrapbook
  • you could even put a poster of a picture that speaks the thousand words. Eg. Putting up a poster of the Eiffel Tower in your bedroom if it’s been your dream to get there some day or a photo of that Mountain that you will summit eventually or frame up a cheque that’s for 1 million dollars with the aim of cashing it someday
  • you may also print out photos of the people you love, them laughing and smiling and you~ visualising bringing them happiness by pursuing this life path and designing a lifestyle they can be proud of and also reap the benefits from

7. Execute every step in your Flowchart

  • the key is in the execution of the plan
  • it’s good to plan but if you don’t act on it, then what is it for actually?
  • cross out dates or steps in your notes, showing that you’ve done this and that, that you’ve made your marker to lose 4 kg by when ? Or attain the certification by when? Cross out the dates once you’ve reached the mark
  • on to the next level, the next step, the next phase, go down the line or up the scale
  • it’s all in the Doing, it’s time to walk the talk and manifest it through actions that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic/relevant and timely (SMART model)

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We all have a type of lifestyle in mind that we envy or yearn to have, so why not work your way to having it, instead of saying ” What if ?” or ” Why can’t I have that?”. It all takes effort and a whole lot of it. Pursuing your dreams shouldn’t be something unattainable. It’s going to be a rough ride and the journey has all the lessons in it to learn from so pay attention during this trip. Excuse those who aren’t able to understand or doesn’t have faith in you, people who are closer tend to do that, it’s a given. They only want the best for us and sometimes they worry that it’s going to be a huge mistake or you repeating what they already went through and fail. They just don’t want you to be disappointed or the money to go to absolute waste. So don’t take anything too personally when someone is not as enthusiastic as you. And dismiss the cold heartedness of haters putting you down.

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Seek your kind of crowd but also know that your friends and family are also your crowd because they show you their support in their own way. Be patient with those who are a bit tougher to read and get support from. They might have their own insecurities and issues that we may not understand and know of. Many people are private, despite what we may think they are who they show they are. Especially those closest to us.

And for those of us who “can’t choose” our families ( of course we all can’t,duh ) what I’m saying is if we have to face negative feedback from our family, we can always depend on our urban families. These are our close friends and relationships that we have with other people outside of our blood family. Those who we trust and can consider as family. They could also be our partners and best friends too. Maybe a positive neighbor, a wise elderly or a supportive schoolmate or colleague.

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We hope these steps can guide you to a more simplified understanding on the basics to get started on this journey you’re about to embark on. We wish you all the best in pursuing the life you really want and designing a lifestyle that not only works for you but one that makes others happy too. If this path can benefit mankind, that would be a bonus wouldn’t it?

Because Giving opens the door to Receiving.

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