How Can You Manage Your Stress Better

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The days are long and the weeks are even longer. It has been a stressful year for us all due to the C-word and nothing has been the same since. The stress of making ends meet and coping with school and work and commuting is bound to take a toll on us eventually. Sparking a rise in suicides, domestic violence and broken relationships.

Work has been tough, even for the the work-from-home people. School has been a headache, for both student and teacher and much more who are affected by this. So stress is here with us and we have to manage it before we go into a mental breakdown, get burnt out, fuel into a rage or worse ~ suicide.

Understand what’s the driving factor of this Stress

If you don’t know what it is that’s stressing you out, we can’t get to the root of the issue and solve it. So find out what exactly it is that’s making you all stressed up. From there, know what you want to happen instead. Note down the points of what you could do or someone could help you with, that will ease your mind and lift this burden from your shoulders.

Sometimes we might think that an accident and recovery process is the cause of the stress. But if you look closer it could be that you’re stressed because you regret the accident happened and you’re worried cos now your income is affected. So the regret and worry could be the driving factor of your stress on top of the struggle of recovery.

Talk to Someone

Typically we would think that we’d do the most logical thing but I’m afraid not. We don’t. We always have this feeling of not wanting to trouble anyone else with our problems and some even worse, don’t want anyone to know that we actually do need help (that’s ego right there). You don’t have to put up a facade when you’re clearly in need to relieve this pain and suffering inside you.

Talking about it to someone you trust or someone you respect will lift the load. It’s alright, you can vent out and say what you need to say. You’re only human. No one will fault you.

Do Things that Relaxes You

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Find out what calms you down. It could be a particular song that puts you in the mood, it could be randomly booking a spa session with your bestie, it could be a 4 hr karaoke gig, splurging on new clothes or pumping it out at the gym. Some people run and some people watch a movie. It’s really up to you. There are a whole list of things that you could do that will turn your mood instantly.

Listen to Music that Soothes with a side of Essential Oils

Lo-fi beats are my go-to but there is so much soothing music out there to pick from. Whatever rocks your boat basically. Music to de-stress and meditate to will go extremely well with a humidifier. Put in drops of lavender essential oils and you’re ready for a relaxing evening. It’ll be so calming that you’ll basically melt into your armchair whilst doing this routine. Don’t worry be happy.


Time Management

I know we talk about time management a lot but honestly, it is the very thing that will cut that stress out like a knife. Know what your tasks are, be realistic with what you can manage and organise when you should get it done.

Anything that prepares you for the task (like planning ahead) will help reduce or eliminate that stress. One of the things you could do is, write up the tasks in a planner so you’ll know exactly when to be where at what time. Being early can prepare you for things that were unintended, like an accident or a rainstorm. Planning what you should wear for tomorrow today will also help you eliminate the stress of your morning rituals. Break down your tasks, prioritize and create systems that work for you.

Be Flexible

Stress loves to attack the rigid. Only cause the rigid can’t cut anyone some slack, especially themselves. Be someone who is adaptable and are able to accept changes. Be that chameleon (except if your job or project requires you to follow protocol/procedure). When you develop this amazing skill, you not only become an asset but everyone around you will benefit from your patience and genius.

Seek Social Support

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The whole point on why I manage the club that I manage, The Simplelife club (IG below) is to provide a safe space for anyone who feels they need a place to vent or seek advice from. Do DM us on our IG @simplelifedaily ( meetups are for Singapore only ) if you have any questions or need a listening ear.

A support system is sometimes exactly what we need to help us get through tough times. Building this community with team bonding activities allows you to connect and express.
You are not alone. So go find your people on Facebook Groups, Meetup or even in your own circle of friends.

You also need to know that there is such a thing as good stress. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. But this kind of stress is not something that you’d want to stick with you until you explode. So find ways to deal with the stress. Go for counseling if need be. Recognize that there is a stress issue that you need to address and get it out of your system.

Stay healthy and happy!

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