Life’s Moments Are Precious

Despite all that life has thrown at me, I’d say I’ve led quite an amazing life.

It’s easy to go through the dailies without stopping to appreciate and smell the flowers so to speak.

As cliche as it sounds, these moments make up the best of Us. It reflects gratitude and perseverance. And knowing that minus the chaos and heartaches and mental breakdowns, there’s still a sliver of beautiful things in life.

It may not be great. Not like meeting your favorite singer on the street or earning your first million dollars but it’s in the little things in life that truly matter most. And in our deepest sadness, we are grateful and we find gratitude in all these things.

Like when someone remembers it’s your birthday or a neighbor sending you some food, a hug from a co-worker letting you know to stay strong or even when a stranger offers a listening ear.

These are the things that make this life so sparkling with joy. So take it in. Soak in all the goodness. Be the goodness too for others and you’ll start to see that the Universe will reciprocate. It really will.

Priscilla Du Preez

You’ve attracted that into your life, your circle.

Life’s moments are precious indeed. If you get to catalogue it, you’re lucky. If you get to live it and pay it forward, you’re blessed. So keep on the blessings people !

Have a great weekend ahead.

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