Don’t Party with their Perception

“Other people’s perception of you ain’t none of your business.” says Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker, author and CEO of “Motivating the Masses”. Reading time: 2m 25s Trust in your intentions when your intentions are good, and let other people deal with what they can’t accept. It truly is that simple. If you’re able to masterContinue reading “Don’t Party with their Perception”

Part 2- Guide to Conquering 2020

If you’ve started on Part 1 of our Guide then well done, good on you for keeping up. The first part was the crucial warm up that you need, to get the ball rolling. What good is a compass if you don’t know where you’re really going, right ? Let’s begin this round with aContinue reading “Part 2- Guide to Conquering 2020”

Free Will is a Reality Check

He plans the path of our Life to the nanosecond. A friend once asked, “What’s the use of living if He determine all and we are like puppets on a stage, what’s the meaning of Free Will then?” If all we did has been written ahead..why does it even exist ? Reading time: 2m 25sContinue reading “Free Will is a Reality Check”

Should you Hire or Fire your Friends

Reading time: 4m 45s We’ve all heard enough horror stories when we hire a friend to do our bridal photography, our home interior designing, wedding catering, insurance or any other professional line of work and it has gone horribly wrong. Believe me, I have been in at least some of the above scenarios and itContinue reading “Should you Hire or Fire your Friends”

Part 1- Guide to Conquering 2020

Let’s check in with our 2019 Self first. Go through these questions and answer it with all honesty. Be true to what you know is true. Be critical and allow yourself to face the truth and the fears in all its glory. Are you emotionally stable ? Are you financially on the way to earningContinue reading “Part 1- Guide to Conquering 2020”