Announcement People !

As 2020 is drawing near, we have to sit back at our round table and lay out the possibilities of making 2020 a better more productive year. Staying ahead is really daunting and it does not excite the eager entrepreneur start-up. We have taken it upon ourselves that we have to level up at someContinue reading “Announcement People !”

How to manage yourself when life gets too much

Reading time : 3m20s I remember a time when life was much simpler. A time for most people in that matter, is the time during the stage of their growing up. My most earliest memory that I could recall about “a simpler time” , was between the ages of 6-9 yrs old. My grandparent’s house.Continue reading “How to manage yourself when life gets too much”

How to Kick it Like Keanu

So what do we know about Keanu ? Canadian. Hollywood icon. Obsessed with bikes. Philanthropist and many more titles to add on top of that. The human civilization has been trying to figure out the secret to his eternal youth since the early 2000’s. Where many memes have been created in response to his bizarreContinue reading “How to Kick it Like Keanu”

4 Things that Music Make You Feel

Reading time : 3m 26s Let’s imagine that two great artists, one being the musician who is passionate on how sound can relay emotions ; and another, a master poet in prose and creative writing, came together and decided that two art forms when amalgamated, form beautiful and meaningful work that could make a hugeContinue reading “4 Things that Music Make You Feel”

Be like the Bamboo Tree

Reading time: 3.23s 1. The Chinese bamboo tree takes about 5 years to grow. For the first year, you’ll see no growth. The second, the third and even on the fourth year, there will still be no growth, but on the fifth year is when it shoots up so high and keeps on growing. ItContinue reading “Be like the Bamboo Tree”