12 Poisonous Traits that You MUST get rid of

Reading time: 8m 28s Naturally, we are people of Light and Love. Born into this beautiful World as an empty canvas awaiting for all of Life’s colors to paint us. It is in our birth right to survive, to love, to defend and to gain useful Knowledge. But there are some of us who wereContinue reading “12 Poisonous Traits that You MUST get rid of”

Vicious Vs Virtuous Cycles

Imagine an algorithm tracing your life patterns based on your style of decision making. The “patterns” will show up time and time again because you never divert to a different way of seeing things. You keep falling prey to the same pattern script because you did not re-evaluate how you perceive and relate to theContinue reading “Vicious Vs Virtuous Cycles”

How to Overcome 3 Adulting Fears

Responsibilities. Whoa. That’s a big word and I still feel like I’m just making it through High school (even though it was a gazillion years ago for me). Haha. Growing up sure has its pros and cons, right ? As we age, we are forced to face the most daunting task of growing up. Adulting.Continue reading “How to Overcome 3 Adulting Fears”