5 Ways You can Better your Relationship with M$NeY

First and foremost this is not a write up on what financial institution to go to with how many percent of returns if you invest in this and that. I’ll be sharing with you the many different ways to organise and reduce the stresses of dealing with your finances, hence bettering your relationship with moneyContinue reading “5 Ways You can Better your Relationship with M$NeY”

8 Valuable Things to Keep in Mind in Life

1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it. Your gut feeling is letting you know everything that could potentially be the disaster decision of your life. Trust your instincts. There’s a very minute chance that your gut feeling is wrong about something. Maybe 1% or even less than that. So how about the 99% ofContinue reading “8 Valuable Things to Keep in Mind in Life”

Sunscreen: 50 Words of Wisdom You can Use Immediately

What began as an essay about a hypothetical commencement speech by columnist Mary Schmich, led to it’s virality via email that later on Director and Producer Baz Luhrmann would make into a 1999 hit on his take of the modern ” Romeo and Juliet ” movie. Inspired by Baz’s spoken word song ” Everybody’s FreeContinue reading “Sunscreen: 50 Words of Wisdom You can Use Immediately”

Who and what are Energy Suckers?

As what Best Selling Author John Dijulius said ” It is a scientific proof that energy is exchanged between people. We literally give and receive energy.” I believe that to lead a simpler life means to delete drama and extract the negative that surrounds us. Any activity, type of job, routine and people that youContinue reading “Who and what are Energy Suckers?”

Invest Your Energy Where It Matters

I’m sure you’ve been in situations where your energy was exhausted before. Either by a partner, a family member, a friend or work and school scenarios that has brought you moments of sheer mental and physical exhaustion. In the situation of a group chat, you ask a serious question that you need help or supportContinue reading “Invest Your Energy Where It Matters”