Life’s Moments Are Precious

Despite all that life has thrown at me, I’d say I’ve led quite an amazing life. It’s easy to go through the dailies without stopping to appreciate and smell the flowers so to speak. As cliche as it sounds, these moments make up the best of Us. It reflects gratitude and perseverance. And knowing thatContinue reading “Life’s Moments Are Precious”

Taking Care of the Simple Home

Whether you’re a home owner, parent or the forever singleton, your home has to be the place of solace you return to and the cosy escape from a hard day’s work. Many of us, single or married, always neglect the home when things get a bit rough. We become lazy to keep it clean andContinue reading “Taking Care of the Simple Home”

4 Simple Ways to Stop Entertaining Toxic People

Do you have a friend, family member or just a colleague who has this absurd need to complain, make your life miserable and constantly spew a string of unnecessary comments and negative opinions on you ? Reading time: 2m28s I’m sure we’ve all had a fair share of this amount of drama from at leastContinue reading “4 Simple Ways to Stop Entertaining Toxic People”