Why do people cheat?

Faithfulness to me describes a relationship (in my own definition) between lovers or spouses. Temptation, lust and dissatisfaction are the contributing factors to the behaviors of being unfaithful or committing adultery. There are instances whereby I’ve met people who are unfaithful to their spouses but they’re still loyal to their families. Confused? Let me explain.Continue reading “Why do people cheat?”

2020 – The next Era

This is it. In less than 4hrs we are officially in the era of 2020. What’s so important about this year then ? Isn’t it just the same? Like any other New Year, same old habits, underachieved goals pushed on to the next, self denial and procrastination at its best and a vicious cycle ofContinue reading “2020 – The next Era”

How to find your Passion?

Reading time : 4m 26s So a friend asked me this simple yet defining question. How do I find my passion or recognize what my passion actually is? I mean, we’re talking about a few hundred possibilities here, on what any one person would have as a passion. It stretches out from as far asContinue reading “How to find your Passion?”