Taking Care of the Simple Home

Whether you’re a home owner, parent or the forever singleton, your home has to be the place of solace you return to and the cosy escape from a hard day’s work. Many of us, single or married, always neglect the home when things get a bit rough. We become lazy to keep it clean andContinue reading “Taking Care of the Simple Home”

4 Small Ways to Ease the Mind At Work

We often neglect ourselves. We work real hard, day in and day out but we never know how to create that harmony in our life. Reading time : 3m 23s Even “Movers of Nations” need to find some time aside to breathe in cleaner air . Reconnect with nature and family or just to sitContinue reading “4 Small Ways to Ease the Mind At Work”

How to Kick it Like Keanu

So what do we know about Keanu ? Canadian. Hollywood icon. Obsessed with bikes. Philanthropist and many more titles to add on top of that. The human civilization has been trying to figure out the secret to his eternal youth since the early 2000’s. Where many memes have been created in response to his bizarreContinue reading “How to Kick it Like Keanu”

Vicious Vs Virtuous Cycles

Imagine an algorithm tracing your life patterns based on your style of decision making. The “patterns” will show up time and time again because you never divert to a different way of seeing things. You keep falling prey to the same pattern script because you did not re-evaluate how you perceive and relate to theContinue reading “Vicious Vs Virtuous Cycles”

Designing your Life based on Freewill

He plans the path of our Life to the nanosecond. If you are a believer in Fate and the beauty of Faith, then this article is for you. A former friend once asked, “What’s the use of living if He determine all and we are like puppets on a stage, what’s the meaning of FreewillContinue reading “Designing your Life based on Freewill”