Why do people cheat?

Faithfulness to me describes a relationship (in my own definition) between lovers or spouses. Temptation, lust and dissatisfaction are the contributing factors to the behaviors of being unfaithful or committing adultery. There are instances whereby I’ve met people who are unfaithful to their spouses but they’re still loyal to their families. Confused? Let me explain.Continue reading “Why do people cheat?”

6 Life Questions You Must Ask Yourself

I had a birthday recently and as per every one that I have had, there’s all these life questions that I ask myself. Some questions differ every year as I age but all in all, it does boil down to the same ones that are still in my head. None of which though, keep meContinue reading “6 Life Questions You Must Ask Yourself”

The Ideal Sleep Scenario

To maintain good health, especially good mental health, sleep plays a very vital role. Good quality sleep is needed in order to have a well rounded healthy lifestyle. It is essential that we strive to achieve the best sleep possible for the better of our own lives. There are a few ingredients to building anContinue reading “The Ideal Sleep Scenario”

Deep Impact

The World is hit. Yet another pandemic raining down on humanity and the rest of the Planet’s many residences. Reading time: 2m 45s What does it truly say about humans and the level of consumption, standards and how we manage and care for our selves and Mother Earth? What led to this ? Over populationContinue reading “Deep Impact”

Taking Care of the Simple Home

Whether you’re a home owner, parent or the forever singleton, your home has to be the place of solace you return to and the cosy escape from a hard day’s work. Many of us, single or married, always neglect the home when things get a bit rough. We become lazy to keep it clean andContinue reading “Taking Care of the Simple Home”