How 5 Famous People Say No!

No. Is it truly a dirty word? A task that seems so daunting for people pleasers that you just can’t seem to escape the dying need to fulfill dreams and requests that are beyond your capacity. Are you a do-gooder Yes man or a people pleaser Princess that everyone takes you for granted every soContinue reading “How 5 Famous People Say No!”

4 Simple Ways to Stop Entertaining Toxic People

Do you have a friend, family member or just a colleague who has this absurd need to complain, make your life miserable and constantly spew a string of unnecessary comments and negative opinions on you ? Reading time: 2m28s I’m sure we’ve all had a fair share of this amount of drama from at leastContinue reading “4 Simple Ways to Stop Entertaining Toxic People”

4 Small Ways to Ease the Mind At Work

We often neglect ourselves. We work real hard, day in and day out but we never know how to create that harmony in our life. Reading time : 3m 23s Even “Movers of Nations” need to find some time aside to breathe in cleaner air . Reconnect with nature and family or just to sitContinue reading “4 Small Ways to Ease the Mind At Work”

2020 – The next Era

This is it. In less than 4hrs we are officially in the era of 2020. What’s so important about this year then ? Isn’t it just the same? Like any other New Year, same old habits, underachieved goals pushed on to the next, self denial and procrastination at its best and a vicious cycle ofContinue reading “2020 – The next Era”

How to Kick it Like Keanu

So what do we know about Keanu ? Canadian. Hollywood icon. Obsessed with bikes. Philanthropist and many more titles to add on top of that. The human civilization has been trying to figure out the secret to his eternal youth since the early 2000’s. Where many memes have been created in response to his bizarreContinue reading “How to Kick it Like Keanu”